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howtube® and Randall Carlson is a new video/audio platform dedicated to how-to information, rational thinking and fair trade

howtube was originally established to provide video hosting services as an alternative to the tech giants, but, things have changed. Due to the current climate of political upheaval, social media monopolies and the out-of-control, unconstitutional censorship by those in power, the role that howtube will play is now infinitely more significant. In short, NOW is the time for action, and howtube is taking the very bold step of providing a curated audio/video platform dedicated to reason, knowledge, ingenuity and freedom at a time when we need them the most. Beyond this, what makes howtube unique is that we’ve built our own eCommerce software directly into the platform. This gives howtuber’s like Randall Carlson the freedom to take control of their own products, advertising and financial well being with no restrictions or interference.

Randall is an investor in howtube and has also agreed to take on the role of marketing partner. Here is an example of how we integrate video content with products, services and podcasts. Click here to see Randall’s howtube channel.

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN AND HELP US EVOLVE THE PLATFORM. The idea for howtube was conceived years ago, but its public debut is in its early days of development, so there is plenty of opportunity to join us and help us grow the platform. In fact, to all American’s who still believe in the constitution of the United States, and the principals upon which our country was established, we need your help. The mission, should you choose to accept, is to make howtube a place where the pursuit of knowledge, free speech and fair trade forevermore take precedence over greed and the lust for power. Help us make howtube a positive influence on the world as opposed to a “tool of oppression.” This mission statement makes it imperative-- mandatory even-- that howtube is financed and built exclusively for the people by the people.

The howtube Project
A New Video / Audio Platform Built For The People, By The People

The debate is over. Video content and eCommerce are here to stay. The tech giants know this, which is why they’ve been dominating the space for years. It is absolutely necessary to the well being of our society that viable competitors and alternatives to the tech giants exist; alternatives that are dedicated to the well being of people and small businesses as opposed to their demise. We invite you to contact us about the howtube project as we are putting together a coalition of American citizens who care to join us in creating something real, for the benefit of all. howtube is being funded, constructed and operated for the people, by the people. Contact us now to see how you can help.


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