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We're Brand New

Introducing howtube®... howtube is a new type of social platform. It is a hybrid that combines user generated, how-to based videos with social networking, eCommerce and search features.

Benefits For Video Creators

  • howtube’s® eCommerce Feature Can Monetize Your Videos

    Drive traffic directly to your online store or affiliate partner from Our unique method of integrating your relevant products and services on every video page is a convenience for your audiences and a profit center for you. Everybody wins at

  • Professionally Showcase Products and Services Featured In Your Videos

    Social Media and Affiliate Marketers / Ad Agencies and Entrepreneurs / Small Businesses and Educators / Hobbyists, Enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys sharing information… this platform was built for you.

  • Quickly, Easily Share and-or Embed Your howtube® videos anywhere

    The social components of howtube® allow you to share your videos and related content across your favorite social networks, you can embed them into your websites and blogs, and, you can also socially connect with viewers directly on the howtube platform itself.

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