The Sensitive Empath. - Introduction To The 12 Part Series

Learn about the specific traits of a highly sensitive person. Free yourself from negative thinking, stuck patterns and anxiety. Embrace your intuition and empathic abilities to express your hearts desire.

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Sensitives often have a sense of being flawed and misunderstood.  As a sensitive empath you feel deeply, you sense others sadness and suffering, and can be overwhelmed by others moods.  As a child you may have disassociated from your feelings as a coping ability. You may struggle with anxiety, feeling fearful, worrying and reacting to criticism, easily moved to tears by both sadness and beauty. 

When you learn about the specific traits that make a person sensitive and empathic it can be empowering to discover your differences are incredible attributes to be used, to be embraced and cherished. This series offers guidance and navigational tools to like and love yourself. You can find freedom in discarding the old defensive coping mechanisms that have been necessary to cope with high sensitivity. Feel empowered as you step away from anxiety and negative beliefs that are not the truth of who you are. Grow in wisdom, courage and self-love as you cherish every aspect of the unique aspects of being a sensitive empath. Blessings and love on your journey of opening up to more of YOU.  Book a consultation with Christine



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