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Host videos, sell & ship products, sell audio/video content, sell subscriptions and accept donations all w/ howtubePRO! It was built to give content creators total control over their own work & how it's monetized. With howtubePRO, YOU are in charge!


After getting howtubePRO, the VERY next thing is to establish credit card processing for your PRO account. See details below:

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The first thing to do after signing up to howtubePRO is establish credit card processing for your new howtubePRO account.

All sales you make, orders you take and donations you collect using your new howtubePRO account will be processed by the world's leading merchant services provider and online credit card processor– Stripe. howtube has partnered with Stripe, because they are the best, most secure, credit card processing service in the world. This keeps you safe as you conduct business around the world through your howtubePRO account. Having your own Stripe account is therefore mandatory, and it's free to sign up. You will pay standard CC processing fee's per transaction, but there are no upfront cost and no monthly cost involved. Once your Stripe account is established, you will connect it to your new howtubePRO account with just a few clicks, and you are ready to go!

The howtube platform walks you through the entire set-up, to make what once was a very time-consuming, expensive process that required the assistance of professional technicians, an affordable proposition you can do yourself.

Start by signing up for howtubePRO and follow the promptings to put howtube's very powerful multimedia, multi-commerce, consolidated business solutions to work for you!

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