How CBD Products Are Made At CBD From The Gods

YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT’S IN THE CBD PRODUCTS YOU BUY. CBD From The Gods brings you high quality, all natural hemp extract products, with raw materials sourced from the most experienced, family owned and operated, hemp farms in Oregon, USA.

Watch "CBD's Journey” From The Farm To You!

Our promise to you is to produce the cleanest, most effective CBD products you can buy with integrity and transparency.

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  • If you keep the current quality you have a customer for life!
  • My third purchase of your CBD oils included a small canister of Gummies. Best Gummies I've ever tasted. One learns to be judicious ... maybe Parsimonious... with the Gummies. You could serve them on a dessert plate, with a tiny cup of espresso. Maybe a Wine "pairing" would be more appropriate. but I have a serious SERIOUS question for someone in your organization: That is WHAT is the TRICK to getting the Dropper Cap Off the BOTTLE???? Three months along and I Still have no IDEA why it loosens after several minutes of struggling with the little beastie. Your team of High-Tech Scientists must have reasoned that "Even though this product is fully Legal, we want to design a bottle cap that will Never EVER allow a child access to this elixir." You must understand how Embarrassed I am to admit this. But I'll bet there are a few others out there with the same question. Did you ever break a key trying to open a Lock? I did that as a Kid once. Makes you throttle back and realize Force is not always the answer. ANYHOW, I am now using the first two bottles as SAFES in which I hide my most valuable and precious treasures, knowing they Can NEVER be opened by some pilfering Thief! Maybe that's an entire New Market for your products! "Hidey-Holes from the Gods! "
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