THE BOILING FROG STORY (3 Mins): To All Who Care About Little Things Like The Freedom & Civil Liberties of the Western World, This is For You.

Have you heard of "The Boiling Frog Syndrome?" It's a simple story, an allegory really, of the "peoples journey." This video explains the challenges people face in maintaining a free society & what to do about it; a GREAT inspiration for our time.


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An Important Story
About A Boiling Frog

To boil or not to boil; that is the question.

This artwork reflects the all-important cautionary tale of a frog placed in a cool pot of water that is gradually brought to a boil. The story goes that by placing the frog in a familiar environment, water, and by heating it slowly, the frog detects no danger. Instead, it willingly acclimates to the incremental changes taking place in its environment without concern; it puts up no defense, and by the time it realizes that something's amiss, it's too late. Consequently, the frog boils to death... unless it doesn't.

Here at howtube, we see "The Boiling Frog Story" as an allegory of "The Patriots Journey," and what exactly is "The Patriots Journey"? The author of America's Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, put it best:

"The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether the people shall be allowed to govern themselves or be ruled by a small elite."  –Thomas Jefferson

Specifically, we see "The Boiling Frog Official Artwork" as a tool to inspire yourself and others to become hyper vigilant of your surroundings, to acknowledge the gradually increasing infringements on Liberty currently taking place across the globe and to take appropriate action. The definition of "appropriate action" is always interpreted individually first, then collectively as a populace through healthy debate. By design, citizens of a free republic are responsible for their own condition, and the greatest societies ever to emerge from The Free World have always been well informed, educated, artistic, healthy, transparent and willing to effect change as needed according to their convictions.

To boil or not to boil; that is the question.

The measured rollout of censorship across the Western World, and the perpetual encroachment on our privacy, property and civil liberties, are all indicative of "a pot that's boiling," and we are in it! Only an informed, educated and BRAVE citizenry, who is willing to confront tyranny in whatever form it takes, can maintain a free society.

We do not condone violence, period.
We do, however support the
Second Amendment

That is the question!




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