Grieving Mindfully | How To Grieve

Learn the process of grieving and how to find your way back to peace. The pain of grief we feel for a loved one who has died is unlike any other experience. It takes us into the depths of darkness. All of us will know grief at some time in our lives.

Questions About Grief?

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Having the right information about grieving makes all the difference.

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To grieve mindfully is to understand at a deeper level what grief is, how we process this and how the cultural beliefs and norms can prevent us from our ability to mourn. Everyone grieves when someone they love dies but in order to heal we need to mourn the loss in a meaningful way. Christine shares the knowledge, understanding and tools to empower you on your way out of darkness, to find your own inner resources to move through this time gracefully and with compassion for the self.


Each $150 session includes:

  • 50 minutes deep relaxation and hypnotherapy to restore peace, and begin the inner healing process.  
  • 20 minutes is given to discussion and coaching time where Christine  shares practical information and how to's that guide you through the grief process. (approximate times only) 
  • Two 15 minute follow up calls are included.

Call if you are interested in the 3 session package - $400:

  • This includes 3 1:1 hourly sessions
  • Four 30 minute phone/skype chat time
  • weekly check in
  • unlimited email chat.


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