Soul Journeying / LBL Session

Understand your Life Purpose and Connect with the Higher Self
$334.00 USD

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Following deep relaxation Christine guides you into an experience of deep connection that  is heart opening and leads the way for understanding soul purpose and clearing /healing of old templates. The LBL experience accesses the super-consciousness and from a perspective of the soul you will gain an overview of your life and the many lives you have lived before. In this LBL 'space' you can ask questions about your life and propel your awakening journey to truly live your purpose. What this looks like. -

PREPERATION   45 mins - 1 hour

  • Consultation via phone or skype with Christine. 
  • Identify the process for you. Traditional LBL or Ascension process. (Hear more - Ascension method audio on web home page)
  • Compile your list of questions that you would like information on from the Higher Self.
  • Cast of Characters, family and people in your life who may show up in the soul space.

THE SESSION   3-4 hours

  • Discussion time for clarification of questions and cast.
  • Relaxation and deepening process.
  • The Gateway entering superconsciousness.
  • Connection/merging with Higher Self.
  • Post session briefing.
  • Time to ground, snack, tea, prior to departure.
  • Follow up -, receive recording of session.

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