Akashic Soul Retrieval, What It Is And How It Works!

HEAL AND AWAKEN- You are living all of your lives at once, simultaneously, and with guidance, you can access specific attributes you've mastered in any life and bring them forward to help you, right now, in this life.

Empower this Life

Empower this Life

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Access other lifetimes to explore the many lives that the soul has embodied. Heal old wounds and beliefs that have been carried over from these lives. Enhance and support your awakening journey by accessing the Akashic records to find the wisdom, skills and attributes that are available to support you now.



  • Relaxation and deepening process.
  • Connect with Higher Self
  • Access unconscious and superconsciousness for healing of old wounds and retrieval of all that your Higher Self deems necessary to support your awakening journey.
  • May include energetic downloads, activations or atunements.
  • Post session time for grounding.
  • Follow up - receive recording of session.


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