Healing Through Forgiveness

A Nine Part Audio Series w/ Meditaitons
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FORGIVENESS SERIES - A Beginners Guide To Awakening. 

  1. How To Forgive - Why this is important to our well-being and spiritual growth.
  2. Meditation - Self Forgiveness.
  3. Acknowledging Feelings. - How to Unburden The Mind and Release The Past, 
  4. Meditation to release Anger, Hurt, Resentment.
  5.  Forgiving The Shadow Feminine Principle. - How to develop loving intimate relationships.

6. Meditation for Forgiveness of The Shadow Feminine Principle.

7. Forgiving The Shadow Masculine Principle. How to Fulfill One’s Creative Life Purpose.

8. Meditation for Forgiveness of The Shadow Masculine Principle.

9. Meditation - The Divine Spark

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