Soul Journeying, Also Know As LBL

Soul Journeying, or "Life Between Lives," enables you to access soul memories in a higher state of consciousness called the superconscious mind. Accessing this level of your immortal reality requires assistance until you achieve personal mastery.

Understand and Fulfill your Creative Life Purpose.

Dr. Michael Newton spent 25yrs. perfecting LBL. I trained with him personally and am honored to extend the experience to you.

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Consult with Christine to identify the process that  is right for you.


Following deep relaxation Christine guides you into an experience of deep connection that  is heart opening and leads the way for understanding soul purpose and clearing /healing of old templates. The process takes a path of regressing through childhood, the mothers wombspace and then using the gateway of another lifetime or past life leaves the physical realm to access high realms. This process works well for the beginner or those new to this type of experience.


Specifically for the awakening souls, star seeds, light workers and those ready to take-up their mission, their purpose for incarnating on Earth at this important time.

This process links you up with the Higher Self for specific information, alignment, downloads and direct transmissions. This bypasses the pathway taken by LBL being more direct and a fast-track for ascension. It is expansive, uplifting and fills the soul with a knowing and clarity of purpose.  The Higher Self guides the session throughout. This process does require that the individual will go into trance easily and previous meditation or trance experience is necessary.

Both soul journeying experiences accesses the super-consciousness, and from this perspective of the soul you will gain an overview of your life and the many lives you have lived before. Merge with the Higher Self, meet your personal spirit guide and other souls and beings of the light.  In this higher 'space' you can ask questions about your life and propel your awakening journey to truly live your purpose. What this looks like. -

PREPERATION   45 mins - 1 hour

  • Consultation via phone or skype with Christine. 
  • Identify the process for you. Traditional LBL or *Ascension Process. (Hear more - Ascension method audio on web home page)
  • Compile your list of questions that you would like information on from the Higher Self.
  • Cast of Characters, family and people in your life who may show up in the soul space.

THE SESSION   3-4 hours

  • Discussion time for clarification of questions and cast.
  • Relaxation and deepening process.
  • The Gateway entering superconsciousness.
  • Connection/merging with Higher Self.
  • Post session briefing.
  • Time to ground, snack, tea, prior to departure.
  • Follow up -, receive online recording of session.



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