Episode #073: Implausible Moses Coulee Formation

Great firestorms and comets, and the destruction of Atlantis are all topics we’re going to get into deeply. Let’s focus now on Moses Coulee's formation. RC proposes sudden flash melting and multiple flows coming south off the Cordilleran Ice Sheet!

Tracing the Flood-flows and the Massive Erosion

Columbia Valley, West Bar, Babcock Bench, Potholes Coulee/Cataracts, Frenchman Springs, Quincy Basin, Waterville Erratics

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Randall admits to heeding Mike’s advice and thinking bigger – to encompass activity throughout the solar system, and likely we’re going to have broaden our perspective to the galactic level to understand these cycles of catastrophe. Great firestorms and comets and the destruction of Atlantis are all topics we’re going to get into deeply. Let’s focus now on Moses Coulee and how it possibly could’ve formed by floodwaters emanating from an impounded glacial lake in Montana. RC proposes sudden flash melting and multiple flows coming south off the Cordilleran Ice Sheet!

Kosmographia Ep073 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 8/23/21. 



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0:00      Think Even Bigger

8:08      One per Galaxy?

15:48    Firestorm Events

29:28    Basalt Erratics Transport

36:43    Scablands Maps

45:56    Moses Coulee

1:03:00  CBD usage report

1:05:33  Moses et al. Coulees

1:13:03  Columbia Vly / Babcock

1:20:25  Alta Coulee / Fewer Floods?

1:34:08  Flash Melting / Flood Art

1:41:41  Survival? Historical Insight

1:48:03  RandallCarlson.com !!!




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  • Another great episode. Nitpick: I'm a little disappointed that Mike did not call Randall out for erroneously claiming that the word "catastrophe" incorporated the Greek word for star (aster), like the word "disaster". The roots are ???? (kata = down) and ?????? (strophe = turn).
  • (Double post. How do you delete a comment?)
  • As you wrap up at about 1:43:00, it sounds like the ONLY thing that survivors would be able to recognize as having survived as any coherent recognizable pattern would be the SKY ==> that is, the Sun and the STARS. They could still use those to navigate to places, and say, "On this ground, On a time, our longfathers traded with the people of a great city, that is no more." When you consider the mass of sharp rocks entrained in any of the floods, it would be astonishing to find any human remains in bits larger than a lentil.
  • All the way right to the edge of the Helio-Paws. Does zat have anything to do with Sirious? The other galaxies and their trash output are impinging on OUR Galaxy... and the stuff rolls downhill, so that our Oort Cloud members are dodging and weaving to avoid the stuff in Their path, but every once in a while, they bump and get shoved toward the inner system like some Titanic pinball machine by Midway... So then the Sun and planets are all playing cosmic Dodgeball. And I remember being a bitty kid being knocked on my butt by the mean old Big Kids throwing the ball and smacking me like a freight train. As I lay face down on the pavement... I noticed the Ants are building their nests inside out, and shaking their tiny little fists at the Glaring Sun... Probably they have little microscopic mites gnawring at their joints and soft parts.
  • I used to go fishing for perch and crappie on the Potholes Lake of O'Sullivan Dam with my grandparents. This was back in the 1950s. We'd drive north out of the Lower Yakima Valley, cross the Columbia at the Vernita Ferry and pass by Priest Rapids dam that was under construction. My grandfather traveled down from west of Spokane just after the turn of the century. Driving their livestock they reached the Columbia across the river where Hanford would be built and then traveled west to the Fords at Priest Rapids eventually arriving in the Yakima Valley.
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