FINGERPRINTS of the COSMOS - Randall Carlson - A Fireside Talk

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer & renegade scholar. I've had the privilege to go on 2 geology trips with him this year... read more

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I learned more in those few weeks than I did in all my years in school.

--Mark, Founder of After Skool 

Much of the trip was not recorded at all, but thankfully we had a camera rolling when Randall gave this talk in the late hours of the night, by the fire, under the desert stars. This video is a short glimpse into the great wealth of knowledge that Randall possesses. If you want to go on a geology expedition with Randall, here is a link to future trips

Randall Carlson's Podcast 
is right here on howtube:



Huge thank you to SpencerVybes 

Spencer shot the video footage of the fireside 

chat and the drone footage. He creates

incredible content on YT: 

@SpencerVybes or on 

IG: @vybesource


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  • "Decide that maybe we should intervene", yet there will be Global Warming fanatics that will be of the opinion that maybe they should intervene in the intervention by the greater powers. They'll be of the mind, "What better way to cool the Earth from some supposed Mass Made Heating Event, than to allow the natural mass cooling trigger to do its work & still feel okay about the mass reduction of the global population." They'd be even more likely to let it pass, if they knew that the ground zero area was an area that they felt in opposition to, i.e. Florida or more specifically The Governors Mansion.., is there any more hated location on Earth by the Leftists?
  • A very fine talk ... Except that the Oort cloud and Kuiper disk are not substantiated by observation and I think you know that. Otherwise you did a fine job. The Art Work was fun to watch.
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