Episode #084: California Wine Country Wildfires of 2017 - the Serpent Strikes Again / Kosmographia - The Randall Carlson Podcast

Starting to provide links between these firestorms, resultant wastelands, and the forthcoming discussions on the meaning/purpose of the Holy Grail... Earth-bound serpents energies. How deep do the destructions from the agencies of fire and water go?

Legendary Battles with Serpents and Dragons Arise

Then right in front of our faces - A modern replay, that was almost totally missed! “It is the doom of Man, that we forget…”

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Starting to provide links between these firestorms, resultant wastelands, and the forthcoming discussions on the meaning and purpose of the Holy Grail, Randall gets going on the various symbolism related to Serpents and Dragons. How far back, and how deep do the destructions from the agencies of fire and water go? And there’s this commonality between the stories from the wildfires we’ve been learning about – then right in front of our faces was a modern replay, that was almost totally missed! “It is the doom of Man, that we forget…”

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  • As Mr. C showed in the illustration at time marker 1:29:06, methane in certain conditions is READILY captured and integrated in substantial quantities within the matrix of water ice. Extensive layers of Methane Clathrates – also termed Methane Hydrate ice – have been found in sea floor sediments in various places around our planet's oceans. Some Scientists have offered the hypothesis that a seismic event can shock and fracture such ice layers, so that the fractured ice releases methane, initiating a cascade event of further fracturing, with substantial release of methane. As the methane rises through the pressure gradient, it expands continuously, the natural consequence of the compressed gas passing into regions of progressively lower pressure. •••• So, imagine a seismic adjustment, just a minor slip, but a jolt that releases metric tons of methane gas from a thousand meter square patch of the ocean floor sediments. By the time that column of methane bubbles reaches the ocean surface 3 kilometers higher, it will have expanded to a much greater cross-section column of seawater mixed with a froth of gas bubbles. A huge container ship carrying hundreds of stacked containers displaces its own mass in seawater, but when that column of methane gas bubbles arrives at the surface, it will not support the mass of a Steel Behemoth stacked with its full cargo. The Ship drops through the froth of bubbles like a stone in a few seconds. You can imagine that as the Ship plunges through the column with its load of containers, they quickly reach crush depth. So the only thing to mark the grave of the ship and all the crew is a few bits of debris and an oil slick. •••• This scenario might account for at least a few of the ships that have disappeared without distress calls or any wreckage. •••• https://geology.com/articles/methane-hydrates/methane-hydrate-sediments.jpg •••• https://geology.com/articles/methane-hydrates/
  • Thank you for this episode. Maybe since I had viewed all 80 of the Kosmographia episodes TWICE, I shoulda seen the similarities between the Catastrophic Cluster of the Great Chicago Fire, the Peshtigo Fire, Holland Fire, Port Huron Fire, Manistee Fire, and the more recent fires that hit Napa Valley Communities in 2017. This episode made me rethink my understanding of those later fires, and soften my contempt for the nonetheless incompetent government pukes. Trying to filter my thoughts on the disaster thru the old adage "Don't assume malice when incompetence may explain..." • = = • = = • I spent 15 years living in California, part of that time married to a firefighter with a major metropolitan department. She educated me about how they cooperated w Local law enforcement, + CalFire and other agencies to enforce fire abatement regulations, particularly in rural areas. Much of that enforcement was cut by the State Government as their priorities hurtled to the left. • = = • = = • One "hot button" issue in the aftermath of those 2017 fires was the outrageous protocols the radical environmentalists had managed to implement in California's policies in STATE forests: sick and undesirable trees were being injected with POISON and the dead trunks left in place. This seemingly worked in Pennsylvania, and became policy in California, where weather is conspicuously different. Evidently this was done to deny wood products manufacturers going in and culling trees, processing and selling'em for $$$. • = = • = = • At the time of the fires, there was a growing distrust, particularly in rural communities, of the State Government. Reports came in from many citizens of bizarre actions, inept decisions and orders from officials, even reports of sightings of aircraft Zapping the forests with fer-Pete's-sake Directed Energy Weapons. The seemingly unprecedented intensity, speed, and almost unbelievable selectivity of the fires fed citizens' suspicions of being deliberately targeted. • = = • = = • I have to say, in all my decades on the planet, I had never seen photos of wildfires that consumed hundreds of homes in minutes -- entire neighborhoods -- but left green trees intact within a few feet of homes that had been burned to a pile of ash amid the foundations, and left rivers of aluminum from vehicle engines and wheels likewise streaming past shrubs and lawns that appeared to be still green and vital. • = = • = = • As much as I watched reports and combed information emerging Afterward, I had NEVER heard any report of fireball sightings. I culled and saved a lot of photos made from helicopter surveys in the days following these fires.
  • I was unaware of the ferocity of these California fires though vaguely recall hearing about them. Pretty incredible. I think RC may be on to something when he mentions the possibility of a multi-impact event during the YD period. That would explain the ice-core evidence of massive biomass burning during this period. If such a multi-impact event DID occur around 12,900 years ago, including multiple impacts on the ice sheet (Michigan area per A. Zamora, & vicinity of Montana/ British Columbia) unleashing massive floods as well as secondary ice boulder impacts coupled with exploding meteorites igniting half of the North American continent, anyone who witnessed that would surely describe this as Hell on Earth.
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