Ep #081 Swept Bare by Giant Broom of Fire / Peshtigo and Hinckley

RC returns to the descriptive personal accounts of the 1871 firestorm that swept across Peshtigo, WI. Then jumping forward to the Hinckley, MN wildfires of 1894, and the Big Burn conflagrations in northern ID and western MT in 1910 - Falling Stars?

What's the Source for those Giant Gaseous Bubbles?

Patterns emerge – leading to speculation about the source of the mysterious concentrations of atmospheric gasses - Cometary?

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After a brief introduction to the next Randwulf tour into the Middle Cumberland Plateau region – home of deep gulfs, canyons, and cataract waterfalls incised into the heavily forested landscape, RC returns to the descriptive personal accounts of the 1871 firestorm that swept across Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Then jumping forward to the Hinckley, Minnesota wildfires of 1894, and the Big Burn conflagrations in northern Idaho and western Montana in 1910, a pattern of similar reports emerge – leading to speculation about the source of the mysterious concentrations of atmospheric gasses.

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  • Invisible patterns of energy? Like Normal Guy? lol CBD from the Gods customer here. We both are sleeping much better with two droppers every night! I used to listen to three of RC Podcasts every evening… now I drift off before one is finished Thanks to you all
  • When Halley's Comet was approaching for it's 1910 close pass, astronomers had started using spectroscopy -- passing the light thru a prism, and comparing it to the known spectra of elements being studied on earth. They found a compound they identified as Cyanogen -- a deadly gas -- in the comet's tail. Since the Earth's orbit intersected the huge swath of the Comet's passage, Newspapers around the world announced that Earth would be passing through the Comet's POISONOUS TAIL. < ]:[ > Much panic ensued. < | | | ] : [ | | | > I wonder if it was comparable to the run-up to Y2K... I recall people who earnestly believed that at the Stroke of Midnight, January 1, 2000, airplanes would fall from the sky; food in cans on your pantry shelves would instantly spoil, milk would curdle in your fridge, and all your prescription drugs would turn lethal... Hey! I took a few precautions, just in case. Twenty-two years later I'm still tryina sell my dandy underground billiard room, entertainment center, Hidey-Hole...*(Just Joking, folks...)
  • Very interesting as always. Are there any other locations on Earth where similar conflagrations occur or have occurred...? Your video seems to indicate that such huge fires might be fairly "common" in North America.
  • Headline :"Hopewell: Did a comet destroy one of the biggest ancient trading networks in North America? A study proposes that an ancient trading network, called the Hopewell tradition, may have been wiped out by what is known as a cosmic airburst." Folks may find this of interest. https://bigthink.com/the-past/hopewell-tradition-comet/
  • Finally, after the longest backstory / tease in history, we get to the facts. Thanks to you all, for the usual entertaining education.
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