Ep #079 Firestorm Intense 1871 Conflagrations in Chicago/Peshtigo

RC reads detailed and sometimes graphic accounts from witnesses and survivors of the widespread and devastating firestorms that incinerated Chicago and the tiny town of Peshtigo - simultaneously America's largest historic urban and forest wildfires!

Rev. Peter Pernon's Personal Account of the Fire

The in-depth recollection of the Peshtigo Fire from Reverend Pernon is particularly descriptive, riveting, and frightening!

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RC reads detailed and sometimes graphic accounts from witnesses and survivors of the widespread and devastating firestorms that incinerated Chicago and the tiny town of Peshtigo - America's largest urban and forest wildfires - that happened to occur simultaneously on October 8th of 1871. An in-depth recollection from a Reverend Pernon is particularly riveting! Kosmographia Ep079 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 1/31/22. 



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  • I believe the standing buildings mark Ground Zero as the bomb burst was about 2000AGL
  • Those buildings were the most substantial in Hiroshima. Reinforced concrete. The more common form of construction in Japan at the time was much lighter. And more flammable.
  • Re disappearing Iron, it might be that iron structures didn't have to be actually evaporated or be utterly burned to be eroded away. Seems possible that the Tornadic WINDS generated in a City-Size FIRE STORM, could blow doplets away as a structure melts, so the structure seems to have evaporated. The droplets might be carried far enough away they wouldn't be found in the vicinity... Maybe carried by extreme gusts and vortices to other locations to start additional fires. There are still LOTS of structures in some cities and their neighborhoods, that were built without foundations... especially when a city annexes unincorporate outlying territories. Dirt floors, minimal plumbing, bath & cooking facilities...
  • Re: Ep. 079, and the iron beams, safes, etc., disappearing in the Chicago fire. Iron melts at 1811 K ​(1538 °C, ​2800 °F) and boils at 3134 K ​(2862 °C, ​5182 °F). I can see a fire melting iron; I suppose a really exceptional fire could actually boil iron; you're in blast furnace territory at this point, and they require forced introduction of straight oxygen to achieve this. To constrain temperatures and oxygen purity to more reasonable/achievable values, I wonder how much of the fire-liquidized iron oxidized, and the resulting particulates (essentially, accelerated rust) were then carried away by the air currents in the fire. This would remove the iron objects physically, consistent with the subsequent observations. But I suppose "conspiracy" works, too... ;-)) And how deep was the vitrification of the ground under these fires?
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