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Randall Carlson On Plato's Atlantis

Illuminated by emerging new evidence, Randall has created this special, TWO-PART LIVE STREAM EVENT, 6 hours of material in total, to refocus the legend of ATLANTIS into a unique perspective that only Randall Carlson can provide. Literally thousands of books have been penned over the years in the effort to come to an understanding of Plato’s tale as recounted in his two dialogues Timaeus and Critias - the source of virtually everything we know of Atlantis. Randall guides us on this journey BACK TO THE SOURCE before revealing the timely new information that is now emerging, and what it means to modern Humankind.


What You Can Expect From This Event

If you are curious about the mysteries of our human past on planet Earth, this fascinating presentation is not to be missed! 

In this two-part live stream event, Randall takes a comprehensive look at the story as told by Plato. He dives deeply into the specifics of Plato’s account, analyzing the detailed clues provided by the great metaphysician through the lens of geology, geography, oceanography and astronomy. The insights resulting from this investigation, combined with new information that has emerged in our era, may well prove to be staggering in their implications...



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  • Hi, I saw on your last Joe Rogan interview this live stream was very long, more than 10 hours or so, if it is correct, there is any chance to have acces to it. Thanks ffor your time and your work research
  • Thank you. For summarizing your thoughts and findings on the matter of Atlantis. Your contribution to history of clearly very considerable.
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