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After 4 1/2 decades of relentless studies, research and public presentations to marginalized audiences, Randall's life's work is going mainstream. Thanks to you all, "the fringe" is finally bringing its ideas to the masses, and RC has been ready!
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Humble Beginnings:

From audiences of 5 on folding chairs in abandoned churches to millions at a time on Joe Rogan, Fox Nation & more – GO RC GO!

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Welcome To The First Annual Cosmic Summit 2023 
A Very Special Event About the True History of Earth and What It Means For Our Collective Future.

Join Us In-Person or Livestream
This Event Is Being Held in Asheville, NC


Millions worldwide believe there is more to recent Earth and human history than recognized by "our gatekeepers." The Cosmic Summit will share all available evidence that the establishment does not want you to know, as well as indulge in some healthy speculation in our collective pursuit of the truth. The heterodox subjects addressed at The Summit will include the well-published Younger Dryas Impact Event, More Recent Cosmic Impacts, Suspected Precursor Civilizations, Clovis People, The Black Mat, Gobekli Tepe, Lost Ancient Technologies, Controversial Archaeology, Megalithic Monument Building, Egyptian Mysteries, and Catastrophic Geology.


The event streams LIVE on howtube.
For those who come to beautiful Asheville, the gathering will be a unique opportunity to eat, drink – and think – with others who ponder ages past and ages to come.


Meet The Speakers

Graham Hancock

Graham Hancock

Graham is a journalist and author who gives a global voice to controversial history and scientists. He has 12 Joe Rogan appearances, multiple New York Times best-sellers on summit subjects, and hosts “Ancient Apocalypse,” premiering November 11 on NetFlix.

Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson

Randall has 7 Joe Rogan appearances,  Randallcarlson.com, and howtube.com. Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

Jahannah James

Jahannah James (MC)

Jahannah is a UK Comedic Actress and Alternative History researcher who questions historical orthodoxy with unforgettable charm and wit. 1 million Facebook, 115k Instagram, 153k YouTube followers at Funny Olde World.

Jimmy Corsetti

Jimmy Corsetti

Jimmy is an internet superstar with 130 million views at Bright Insight and recently made his first Joe Rogan appearance. He asks all the right questions to unravel the mysterious. 1.35 million YouTube subscribers, 82K Instagram followers.

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks

Micah Hanks is an Asheville native and prolific writer, podcaster, researcher and speaker whose interests cover a variety of subjects, including history, archaeology, UFOs, science, and the Younger Dryas Impact. Micah Hanks Program, Seven Ages Podcast, and editor of The Debrief. @MicahHanks


Ben Van Kerkwyk

Ben Van Kerkwyk travels the world investigating important mysteries, lost civilizations, and unacknowledged cataclysms. And what it all means for us today. He is host of UnchartedX with 275k subscribers and has an insatiable curiosity for unexplained history and unacknowledged facts. @UnchartedX1

Lohmeier Speaking 1

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier

Lt. Colonel Lohmeier is a former Commander in US Space Force, Air Force Academy graduate, and fighter pilot. He was relieved of his duties in 2021 for writing a book encouraging reform of the U.S. Military. Matt hosts The Matthew Lohmeier Show. @matthewlohmeier

Russ Allen

Russ Allen

Russ Allen is a Texas vintner and podcaster who co-hosts the Brothers of the Serpent podcast, and Kosmographia with Randall Carlson. Russ is an intrepid seeker of the truth behind persistent mysteries and a keen observer of foolishness masquerading as science. @SnkBrs


Dr. Allen West

Dr. West is a scientific polymath and director of the Comet Research Group. Since 2007 he has led more than >100 multidisciplinary Phd’s in the investigation of the Younger Dryas Impact. His tireless work to publish data driven evidence in prominent in journals, despite furious opposition, is unparalleled in modern scientific history. Allen is a key figure in Netflix’s “Ancient Apocalypse” with Graham Hancock.


Dr. Kenneth Tankersley

Dr. Tankersley is an Associate Professor of Geology and Anthropology at the University of Cincinnati. A member of the Piqua tribe, he examines human adaptation and cultural survival during periods of regional and global catastrophic change. Ken is a primary investigator of the Hopewell Indian Mounds and Sheridan Cave, a location of the Younger Dryas Black Mat.


Dr. Andrew M.T. Moore

Dr. Moore is the recent past president of the Archaeological Institute of America. The AIA is world’s largest professional archaeological association. He is the principle investigator of Abū Hurayra in Syria where he led the discovery of the earliest evidence for human civilization and agriculture, and subsequently the Younger Dryas Impact


Dr. Steven Collins

Dr. Collins has been Dig Director of Tall-el-Hamman in the Jordan Valley for 16 seasons. His excavation of the obscure cultural mound has revealed the Levant’s largest city of the Middle Bronze Age and the best candidate ever presented for an historical Sodom. He is a man of faith, author, and a respected academic scholar and lecturer on Middle Eastern Archaeology.

Martin Sweatman

Dr. Martin Sweatman

Dr. Sweatman is an Edinburgh University scientist and author of Prehistory Decoded. His decipherment of Gobekli Tepe concludes the earliest structure on earth is a successful effort to communicate the destruction of the planet by cosmic impact ~12,800 years ago. Sweatman appears prominently in Netflix’s Ancient Apocalypse.


Marc Young

Marc is an Honors Candidate at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, working towards a Phd. in Archaeology. He is a member of the Comet Research Group and characterizes nanomaterial evidence of Younger Dryas Impact. @Marc_Young_90



Friday, June 16th – Welcome Evening Meet-Up

SATURDAY – SUNDAY / JUNE 17 – 18, 2023


Saturday, June 17th – Fire and Flood

Lunch at Expo Center (provided)

  • Evidence for Lost Ancient Technology
    • Ben Van Kerkwyk UnchartedX
  • Dropped Tools: Unfinished Ancient Construction
  • Ancient Apocalypse
    • Graham Hancock
  • All the Randall you can handle
    • Randall Carlson

NORTH CAROLINA BARBECUE at Expo Center (provided)

Evening Lecture with Randall Carlson et al.

Sunday, June 18th – Cosmic Impacts


  • Abu Herrera and the Younger Dryas Impact
    • Dr. Andrew M.T. Moore, Past President, Archaeological Institute of America
  • Updates on Current & Future YDI Research
    • Dr. Allen West and Marc Young, Comet Research Group
  • Graham Hancock
  • Jahannah James panel with Graham, Randall, Collins, Moore et al.
  • Evening Lecture TBD




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