Ep001 Randall Responds to Jahannah James Atlantis Aspirations

In this first installment of the new series, Randall Responds to Jahannah's recent video addressing the scientific evidence for a possible Atlantis, as described by Plato, and the variety of comments/questions that were submitted on her YT channel... read more

Do you know the history of the "Atlantic" Ocean?

Why was there so much mud?
Where and how big were the islands?
Isn't this just another story by Plato?
Richat Structure?

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0:00      Landmass in the Atlantic?

8:30      Richat / Do your homework!

14:45    Mud Barrier?

23:04    Sea Floor Tectonism

38:07    Navigational Skills?

44:19    Historical veracity?

1:04:22  Geologic feasibility

1:12:12  Scientifically forbidden?

1:15:16  Naming “Atlantic”






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  • Thanks Randall and Russ for your continued efforts (both Kosmographia and Brothers of the Serpent) compiling information surrounding the perplexing and mysterious complexities/circumstances surrounding our existence here on Spaceship Earth. I continue to look forward to all of your future productions with great eagerness. Randall, I think I speak for many when I say we'd love to see the vast bibliography of reference material you've compiled over your years of research on these subjects--this certainly could precede any future book or publication with additional commentary. . . please? and, thank you! I have a lot of respect for you and your work in sharing your knowledge and insights. I hope future academia will eventually learn to truly embrace cross-disciplinary work, as they currently seem reluctant to do so... Russ, your book reports are quite epic--please continue producing them. I think you and your brother raise a lot of interesting perspectives and questions when discussing the text within these reports. I thoroughly enjoy y'alls regular episodes as well, but the book reports can probably be classified as 'S' tier content. . . Keep doing what your doing. Stay well my brothers, and keep up the good work. Much love, Chase P.S. SNAKES!!
  • Could we talk about the implications of underwater pyramids off cuban coast https://mysteriesrunsolved.com/2020/05/underwater-city-of-cuba.html
  • I have come from the youtubes because of this video.
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