Ep001 Randall Responds to Jahannah James Atlantis Aspirations

In this first installment of the new series, Randall Responds to Jahannah's recent video addressing the scientific evidence for a possible Atlantis, as described by Plato, and the variety of comments/questions that were submitted on her YT channel... read more

Do you know the history of the "Atlantic" Ocean?

Why was there so much mud?
Where and how big were the islands?
Isn't this just another story by Plato?
Richat Structure?

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0:00      Landmass in the Atlantic?

8:30      Richat / Do your homework!

14:45    Mud Barrier?

23:04    Sea Floor Tectonism

38:07    Navigational Skills?

44:19    Historical veracity?

1:04:22  Geologic feasibility

1:12:12  Scientifically forbidden?

1:15:16  Naming “Atlantic”






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All Comments: (17)
  • great as always :)
  • Joined HowTube for Randall Carlson's channel, and am enjoying the videos a lot.
  • Nice of you guys to wade in and defend Jahanna from the trolls but it would have been better if she had been a part of it. To be honest I only watched ( Jahanna's video)a few minutes before I understood it to be a summary of the Kosmographia episodes that I had watched. (I'm up to date, all 80 episodes with only a couple of excursions into REM sleep). Being an opinionated son of a numpty I have to say that though I found the case for an Azores centred Atlantis threw up a lot of interesting information the hypothesis itself I found quite unconvincing. So in the true spirit of being an opinionated second generation numpty I think the following makes much more sense. The primary claim I would make is that Atlantis the continent did not sink below the waves and that is inhabited to this day. By Aliens with crystal spaceships. Just kidding. I would argue that large parts of its eastern and southeastern territory did suffer cataclysmic consumption by the Atlantic and even that it's principle capital was lost beneath the sea. However most of it remains and is called North America. Plato's accont is unambiguous in calling it a continent and a continent it is. Given that coming from Europe the trade winds you would neccessarily harness would take you through an enormous semi-circular archipelago of the then much more expansive Caribbean to arrive in a much larger peninsula the remains of which are today's Florida we can see this is consistent with the topographic description Plato gave. The easterly trade winds were then able to be picked up much farther south than they are today in the North Atlantic making the round trip much easier than today and much more conducive to supporting outposts and colonies. Doubtless the Azores and the Canaries featured in such a civilisation but were unlikely to be centres of it. So my guess if the city of Atlantis is ever found it will be off the coast of the continental USA and you guys over there are all Atlanteans!
  • Brilliant ???? Thankyou for your knowledge ????????
  • Im on howtube. I will watch here only now. Comments on the video coming! Would have been made this time but chatbox deleted everything I had written when I tried to make a correction :( Be careful!
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