Deep Space Course - 2024 Edition

81 videos in this series

The 2024 Edition of the Deep Space Course is the culmination of thousands of hours of work over the past 6 years.  Throughout the 80+ videos, I will teach you everything you need to know about astrophotography.

We'll start off with Camera Gear, because you need to have the right equipment for the job.  A bad camera or mount will make this hobby much more difficult than it should be.  I'll list my favorite cameras, telescopes, filters, accessories, and more.

Once you've got the gear, we can move on to Planning.  You'll start by picking a list of targets that you'd like to photograph.  Then you will learn where they are located in the night sky.  We'll also discuss light pollution and the weather, and how to work around each problem.

This brings us to the On-Location videos.  I will show you just how easy the setup process can be, provided you have a go-to mount, ASIAir, and dedicated astro camera.  For those with DSLRs and star trackers, we'll have some additional videos that cover the entire shooting process.  Either way, you should have enough information to head outside with confidence!  

Finally we have the Post-Processing section, which includes over 50 videos!  This is where the magic happens.  We take the RAW, ugly, dark data and transmute it into a beautiful final image.  It seems that many astrophotographers struggle with these steps, so I will show you my easy workflows that can radically transform an image.  

Most of the processing will be done in PixInsight and Photoshop. If you're new to both programs, that's okay! We start off slow and build a solid foundation. This ensures you understand the interface and don't feel overwhelmed. We've got plenty of advanced workflows too, in case you want to learn something new.

This is just a handful of the videos included in the 2024 Edition of the Deep Space Course!

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