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The Deep Space Course will teach you how to use your star tracker or go-to mount and capture amazing photos of nebulae and galaxies.  

Once you've captured your data, we'll go through the processing together. I'll be using a Windows PC for the tutorials, but I always include the relevant Mac key-combos in Photoshop and PixInsight. I also have a few dedicated Mac tutorials, mainly focused on stacking your FITS & RAW images. Regardless of your operating system, you'll be able to follow along without a problem.

We will mainly be using Adobe Bridge, Camera RAW, and Photoshop for our processing. You can get all three programs for $10 a month with Adobe's Photography Plan.

As part of the free 2023 update we'll be incorporating PixInsight into the workflows.  While PixInsight may seem daunting at first, these tutorials will get you comfortable with the interface in just a few hours.  

The Deep Space Course was originally released in 2018 for beginners who had a DSLR, telephoto lens, and star tracker.  I've learned a lot since then, and the new 2023 edition includes my latest techniques and recommendations.

The 2023 Edition of the Deep Space Course has tutorials for every skill level - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

If you want to keep things simple, I'll show you my easy techniques for setting up a star tracker, doing the polar alignment, and using a DSLR. Once we get back to the computer we can do a few adjustments in Photoshop and have a great final image!

For those that have some experience with astrophotography, we'll take things to the next level with auto-guiders, go-to mounts, dedicated astro cameras, and narrowband filters. I'll show you how to incorporate this gear into the workflows, and streamline your nightly process.

We also have advanced processing tutorials for those looking to learn more about PixInsight. I'll show you the entire process, from stacking your photos, creating a color image, fixing any gradients or color casts, and making the nebula or galaxy stand out amongst the stars.  

Once you purchase the Deep Space Course you'll receive free life-time updates, with no monthly or annual fees!

*If you've already purchased the Deep Space Course through my website (, then you'll automatically receive this edition for free!  Just sign up for a free howtube account using the same email address that you used to purchase the course originally.  It will then be credited to your howtube® account.  You can find it under "Account - My Video Series Purchases"

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