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Over the years I have learned a few things that work very well to get results. 

I have a Notice and Demand which is full of estoppel certificates designed to take away their presumptions and put them in the position of honoring their Oath of Office, used to build a case against them if they do anything, other than beg forgiveness.

I can help you bring forward all of the rights and privileges of the original land patent

I have a Form 1020 that is actually a home made form idea from someone and I have successfully used it to pay filing fees, taxes, etc., and I used it successfully with the IRS, and the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, and more.

I have a Challenge to Standing process that someone came up with that is brilliant and can be used to defeat any matter if done properly, together with a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus

What works best is criminal complaints because if you use the right words, and bring up the right issues, you can get the FBI to go over there and educate them. I think (but cannot  prove) that I  

   got the Attorney General for Pennsylvania removed, 

   got former US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez removed,

   got former US Solicitor Generals removed

   got all but 2 people fired from the Bedford military Police Department, 

   got US Attorneys removed, 

   got US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Neilsen removed

   got US Attorney General Jeff Sessions removed

   got Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton impeached

   got the Colleyville police department's bond revoked,  and 

   got US District Court, Fort Worth Division, Judge John McBryde removed

   stopped the revenueing by the military police in the DFW midcities area

I use the criminal complaints to accuse Chiefs of Police, Mayors, City Councils, City Magistrates, and City Attorneys, and Prosecutors, for attempted murder when they unlawfully arrest me, (see the Amistadt case) and suborning perjury by screening their military police for low intelligence, and giving them a gun and telling them to do things they are NOT authorized to do.

I have videos that tell you how to sign (without any contract), when they have you in their jail, or are forcing a signature and I have used it for plea bargains, and bonds and tickets, and more, with no problem at all.

I also add in new procedures periodically, as I determine how well they work, but I try to stay away from unproven theories, like so many that are circulating these days.

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