Star Trails Course

35 videos in this series

The Star Trails Course has over 30 videos that will teach you how to take amazing star trails photos!

We'll start off by planning the shoot. You'll learn what camera settings work best, which direction to face, what gear you actually need, how to work around the Moon, incorporating different focal lengths, and more.

Then we'll head out on-location, and I'll walk you through my two main workflows. The Standard Workflow keeps things simple. You'll take a couple hundred exposures, each between 10 - 30 seconds. This works great most of the time!

The Alternate Workflow is designed for those with high-resolution cameras, older computers, or anyone running low on space. We'll be taking a few dozen longer exposures this time. While we can't turn this into a timelapse video, it will still create a clean, beautiful star trails image!

Finally, and most importantly, we'll go through my full editing workflows on the computer. After spending far too many hours removing planes from individual frames, I've found a much faster, simpler way to do things. We'll also have workflows for every scenario - New Moon, Full Moon, 20 second exposures, 4 minute exposures, exposure blending, and more!

I will include some of my RAW and TIFF files, but I won't be able to upload everything. (The Star Trails Course RAW photos take up over 60GBs on my computer!) You'll still have enough to practice along with me though, so you can feel comfortable watching through the videos.

We will be using Photoshop, Camera RAW, StarStaX, Sequator, and a few other applications for processing. I'll be using a Windows computer, but I also show the Mac keys when necessary.

This is by far the most comprehensive Star Trails Course available!

*If you've already purchased the Star Trails Course through my website (, then you'll automatically receive this edition for free!  Just sign up for a free howtube account using the same email address that you used to purchase the course originally.  It will then be credited to your howtube account.

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