LIVE: See The World Premiere of Malcolm Bendall's Shamir Plasmoid Technology Revealed LIVE In Working Order By The Inventor Himself!

SHAMIR PLASMOIDS are the world’s first industrial commercialization of clean energy. They are CARBON KILLERS! The solution that solves the world’s environmental problems is finally revealed as the form and function of zero point energy is explained... read more
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LIVE on Fri & Sat Night, MOUNTAIN TIME!

Friday 8/11/23, 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME. Saturday 8/12/23, 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME. Live until MIDNIGHT on both nights!

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Event Dates & Times

  • EVENING ONE: Friday, August 11th, from 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME to midnight
  • EVENING TWO: Saturday, August 12th, from 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME to midnight

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  • Your very attendance helps bring clean energy to our world. Thank you, and please share this page far & wide.

Two Evenings With The Inventor Plus a LIVE Demo of The Tech

  • 6 Hrs of Content / Lectures & Demonstrations
  • Panel Discussions w/ The Inventor & Team
  • Live Q&A Sessions w/ Malcolm
  • Special Surprise Guests

Shamir Plasmoids Are a Living Component of The Natural Universe 

SHAMIR PLASMOIDS are born in water, they're "Negatively Charged Planet Builders." They are safe, constructive and when properly harnessed they are an ubiquitous source of clean energy that also function as "A Waste Clean-Up and Recovery System." They are a viable solution demonstrably capable of solving the world’s environmental problems. Malcolm Bendall has been successful in commercializing the application of his SHAMIR PLASMOIDS TECHNOLOGY on both an industrial scale, as well as on a personal scale, which can be applied at home in an affordable manner.

JOIN US LIVE for this historic event and see this technology revealed in working order for the first time in known history. Please spread the word by sharing the link to this page; it's a great way to be a part of the Force that helps clean energy find its way into our world for the benefit of planet Earth and humanity. The New Industrial Revolution Has Begun!


  • EVENING ONE: Friday, August 11th, from 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME to midnight
  • EVENING TWO: Saturday, August 12th, from 9PM MOUNTAIN TIME to midnight
  • A downloadable copy of the LIVE event, also know as "Video On Demand (VOD), is included with your purchase
  • Your "Video On Demand" copy (VOD) will be delivered within 72 hours of the event's completion
  • Your very attendance helps bring clean energy to our world. Thank you, and please share this page far & wide.


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  • Sooner or later this tech will enter the main stage but it comes down to who and which group has control of it at that time. It can't be held down forever. If Bendall turns up with cancer or heart problems we will know it wasn't quite the right time.
  • Why are you charging for this? If this is real it's priceless and would change the world forever.
  • Way, way down at the link above are some comments I made. My fourth comment and following ones had some critiques and thoughts of the other free videos that Malcolm produced. We who have followed this for a while know that Randall Carlson got swept up in Malcolm's personized presentation to Randall. Randall successfully got Joe Rogan to interview Malcolm. Joe Rogan though described in episode #2016 where he had on guest Patrick Bet-David why he did not air a certain episode. I believe it is the 92 minute mark where Patrick asked Joe Rogan what his most difficult interview was. Joe Rogan mentioned one or more that he didn't air citing not wanting to have people invest in the schemes. One can read my analysis at the Tusk website linked above, or read Joe Rogan's comments and decide if the comments were directed at Malcolm. And just a thought. If Malcolm could do any of what he discussed in his 15 or 16 part series... He could be flying around in super rockets or something. There would be no reason for him to be next to a bunch of pipes explaining that a reading on a meter means he now has free energy. It is also intriguing that as Randall Carlson on Kosmographia is explaining the health benefits that elevated co2 levels has on food production and forests and nature, that Malcolm is saying he can stop co2 production by his various methods. I watched all the episodes of Malcolm on Howtube explaining things and my opinion is very similar to view expressed by Joe Rogan in regards to a scammer whose episode he did not air on his podcast. One can figure out or try to figure out who Joe was talking about. My only questions about Malcolm is wondering if Malcolm is just a guy being set up to embarrass Randall. He was saying some nonsense things like this energy being sentient. Yet his long talks are a bit hypnotic and when he says silly stuff people's brains are so asleep they don't catch it.
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