Episode #065 Channeled Scablands - Questioning the Doctrine

Questions remain about the “merging megaflood” depositions at Tammany Bar. The Cheney-Palouse also elicits many questions about the extent of the glaciers and floodwater sources, as do Lake Missoula, the ice dam, and the Pend Oreille basin... read more

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Kyle and Russ update on their springtime vineyard duties as RC recalls the countdown to summer. Then he quickly gets back into the questions that still remain about the “merging megaflood” depositions at Tammany Bar, along the Snake River at Lewiston, Idaho. The eastern Scabland tract – the Cheney Palouse – has amazing erosional features that flush southward to the Snake, and also elicits many questions about the extent of the glaciers and the sources of the flood-waters. Lake Missoula, the ice dam, the disagreement in peak discharge rates, the Lake Pend Oreille basin – all inspire important questions and pose difficulties regarding the current doctrine of the Pacific Northwest’s Ice Age Floods. To conclude, we introduce our partnership with the brand new video and e-commerce platform “howtube” and its flagship “Randall Carlson” channel.


Kosmographia Ep065 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 3/10/21. 



Basalt Arch Brad mentioned:  http://hugefloods.com/Scablands.html 

Geo –potholes collection by Annalaura: https://www.pinterest.com/fitzpatrick1078/geo-potholes/  

Full listing of scientific papers about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: https://cosmictusk.com

USGS detailed maps of North America: https://apps.nationalmap.gov/ viewer/  

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Chapter Topics:

0:00      Snake Bros vineyard

11:20   Merging Megafloods

14:40   Sediment Sequences

28:57   Time between Floods

33:23   Loess Controversy

39:40   Glacier Dammed Lakes

43:20   Lower Grand Coulee

47:48   Waterville / Erratics

51:14   New CBD options

57:54   First step a doozy

1:01:13  Tammany Bar flows

1:07:44  Scablands Erosion

1:21:58  Palouse and Snake

1:25:20  Water Source?

1:37:33  Ice dam issues

1:46:19  Alternate sources

1:50:35  Howtube news/views



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  • Will you be able to offer subscription purchases of Wine of the Snake Vineyards through HOWTUBE?
  • "I'm sure I left my Jkulhaups in the hallway, just by the front door..."
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  • Funny you should mention 2400 ft as the ridge of the scab lands. My boring little valley north of Long Lake just happens to have significant western flat lands that are pretty much exactly 2400 ft elevation and features an over sized creek bed from Springdale south to the Spokane River.
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