Randall Reports #001 "Taurid Complex Smoking Gun" 11/21 Overview

Published in Planetary and Space Science by Ferrin and Orofino, supporting the idea that a large comet broke up 20-30,000 years ago and has left us with an active and populated meteor stream, known as the Taurid Complex, which includes comet Encke/2P

1st episode of Randall's new current events series

With research colleague, expedition coordinator, and documentarian/archivist, Bradley Young, RC will summarize and comment...

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  • I like the new format. I am still trying to catch up. However I have been reading "Fingerprints" and "Magicians" which forms the basic overview of all the previous episodes. Everyone should read Graham's work before diving into the details that Randall presents. I did it backwards but at least I did it.
  • Randall, I like the idea of mini-videos on comet strikes. However in the 1st video it hung up at 09:59 and would not continue. So, I would like to see the second half. HELP! HELP!
  • As always, good stuff. Have you guys considered going onto Rumble as well?
  • I'm a novice. But doesn't evidence like this also fly in the face of the accretion hypothesis?
  • from the Tusk: Humans and animals and rocks do not live in a closed system, but rather in a world characterized by long periods of quiescence, interrupted on discrete occasions by earth-shattering collisions from beyond. ...Napier, Clube, Asher, Steele, et al, deserve the Nobel Prize for unwinding the most important discovery in history. !!!!!
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