Ep#101 Atlantis Quest; Hapgood Crustal/Pole Shifts; Bronze Age Collapse; Science Censored -Kosmographia The Randall Carlson Podcast

RC recalls the books and sequences of study that turned on his scientific research gene in the late 70’s, with some accurate clues that got him tracking toward Atlantis. Hapgood bibliography was another great inspiration into Catastrophism studies.

Problems with the Act of Asking a Question!

CRG credentialed scientists providing evidence on impact events are being censored by the dictations of political agendas

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“The Randall Carlson” socials, VoD titles, tours, events, podcasts, merch shop, donate: https://randallcarlson.com/links   Some brief recollections of the Montana megafloods tour and RC 1st trip into Scablands region, then looking ahead to future events inspires RC to recall the books and sequences of study that turned on his scientific research gene in the late 70’s, with some accurate clues that got him tracking toward Atlantis. Hapgood bibliography was another great inspiration into Catastrophism. Crustal shift ideas exchanged that morph into Great Year and Mithraism predicting windows for possible extreme events, such as the widespread Bronze Age collapse. And those credentialed scientists providing evidence on these events are being censored by the dictations of political agendas, landing us in a strange place where the curious act of asking a question is outlawed…

Kosmographia Ep101 of The Randall Carlson Podcast, with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 10/02/23 


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  • thanks guys!! so glad you're back. does no one else watch here on howtube? i posted many, many episodes ago (over on puke tube) about a crustal shift caused by the comet strike coming in from the the north west with the exact question of the polar circle being the size of the north american glacial sheet. does this direction line up with the taurids? as well, would that not turn the whole concept of glaciation on its head? as well, to combine with kyle's vibration postulation, could abiotic mineral fuels (petroleum) which is presumably a crustal lubricant have contributed to facilitating the crustal shift? and!! i have a friend who is super on the nibiru thing. i have never heard that mentioned. i think sitchin says it's on a 3500ish year cycle, though i have not deep dived that one, just read the 13th planet. if 1177bc and the bronze age collapse were connected to this timeline, then we have a few centuries till the next pass. working backwards, would that put us at somewhere around 13000ka with a little bit wiggle room. i'm just spitballing and doubt anyone will see or reply and i've learned almost everything i know from you guys, but i thought this was one of the best episodes yet. it pointed towards so many of the things i have been turning over in my spare moments when not keeping track of the horror show agenda. strange, but not, how the tactics are the same across the board. kinda like the beginnings of the ongoing grand unifying moment as far as i was concerned. definitely seems like there is a whole lot of things "they" (the hierarchy exploiting you) don't want us to know. much love
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