Video On Demand (VOD): RANDALL CARLSON PRESENTS: The Ancient Festival of the Dead and the Mysterious Origins of Halloween

Halloween is seen as a harmless celebration primarily aimed at children - having no particular significance other than to dress up in costumes, get candy & have a party. But, the roots of this tradition goes much deeper than most people realize.
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Over 3 hours of premium content from Randall Carlson, plus a Q&A session.

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The Ancient Festival of the Dead and the Mysterious Origins of Halloween

In this unique, howtube recorded livestream, the mighty cosmic secret that lies concealed in the primordial ritual of the Festival of the Dead will be revealed! The aim, as always, is to seek the truth and to establish a reconnection with our deep, forgotten past to enhance the probabilities of successfully navigating the future. “It is the doom of men that they forget.” –Merlin, Excalibur (film, 1981)

Recorded Live October 30th, 
On Demand:
Over 3 hours of premium content from
Randall Carlson, plus a Q&A session
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Get the entire family together and enjoy
an entertaining, thought provoking evening
with Randall Carlson on the true
origins of Halloween.

This Presentation Includes
Over 3 hours of premium content from
Randall Carlson, plus a Q&A session.

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  • I was a bit disappointed with the live stream. I watched with my wife and 12 year old daughter with high hopes of a night of education with Randall, who I am a HUGE fan of. Unfortunately after the first hour the content moved away from Halloween and turned into two hours of detailed discussion on comets. I wish there had been more content actually about Halloween to keep my daughter engaged.
  • I would have paid $18 for the livestream for sure if I was available for it. Being part of the Q&A is a huge draw to that. I find it hard to see the same kind of value in the $18 after the broadcast has taken place. Have you considered in making the recording of the livestream cost less?
  • Randall's Halloween is always one I look forward to. This is his masterclass on the subject.
  • Taking a moment to come down off my effulgent white bull to say that this was an interesting addition in the panoply of presentations by Randall. Keep up the good work and keep them coming. We need Sirius. We need Moon. But for now, we have comet.
  • After being enthralled with "The Mysterious Origin of Halloween - Randall Carlson" on youtube, I just watched a video on youtube "This 2022 Event Just Revealed the Antichrist to the World" - Janie DuVall, with the 2022 Event in that video being referenced to the opening ceremonies of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games on July 28th, 2022, all the symbolism of Mr. Randall Carlson video where being theatrical staged at the stadium for the worldwide audience that were about to watch the games. The erroneous "Antichrist" decoding by the youtuber video highlights, montage of the ceremony was aligned to Mr. Carlson's video. Highlights includes - Ceremony takes place, *a giant metal Bull is wheeled out in the "center" of the stadium (Taurus). *A prop building is shown on fire (the un-edited video of that ceremony elsewhere shows the same prop building lit up in all blue (like it's underwater). *The ceremony begins by showing a CGI video of the universe with a meteorite shower bombarding the whole Earth then multiple CGI special effects homes rises high above the stadium like on top of and being pushed around as if caught riding in a symbolic flood (Noah's flood is hundreds of feet above the whole Earth). *Then a lone actress appears on the giant bull and is acting like she's riding on top of the Bull (Europa Riding The Bull). *All the nations flags surrounds the giant bull in the center of the stadium (the whole Earth is not avoiding the involves all the nations on the planet). *The actors are slowly ascending up the prop tower (symbolism to me was climbing up a mountain to avoid a the base of the prop tower - it's surrounded by water and there are actors in the water acting dead, like they've drowned in a flood) * The stadium goes dark, it's now night time at the stadium - the mechanical giant bull slowly rise up (now, in the shape of the constellation) then a tightly cluster of spotlight beams (in the shape of Pleiades), hits the giant metallic bull off-center, right in it's chest.
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