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Episode#094 Carbon Dioxide is Plant FOOD! Defending Graham Hancock! Climate Controllers? | Kosmographia - The Randall Carlson Podcast

Carbon "Sinks" absorb and also distribute it thru the cycle of circulation between the Ocean, the biosphere and the atmosphere. The Carbon Cycle and Carbon “sinks” are revisited, as RC gets into an overview of his article “Redemption of the Beast"

Is the Liberal Left working to Manage "History"?

Normal Guy Mike speaks up to support his political viewpoint that is being attacked, without much success...

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We want to make these recorded podcast more directly about RC research, but you’ll see that even that plan gets derailed! The Carbon Cycle and Carbon “sinks” are revisited, as RC gets into an overview of his detailed article “Redemption of the Beast” that he compiled in 2017, which includes numerous quotes and articles about the absolutely vital role of Carbon Dioxide in the biosphere. He digresses, however, in an attempt to defend his friend Graham Hancock, and ends up in a tussle with Normal Guy Mike. First episode of “Randall Rants” to be extracted from this classic RC diatribe? Kosmographia Ep094 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 1/10/23. 



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  • Normal guy mike comparing internet flamers to Graham Hancock's critics is a false equivalency. Internet flamers have little real world influence when compared to Graham's critics who have "credentials" & spew their disingenuous character assassinations for the thousands of headline skimmers to lap up and add to their tailored world views. This has real world consequences for Graham, who has has persevered through almost 3 decades of mainstream academia slander only to get piled on by the MSM after finally getting his big break. Do better, Mike.
  • I commented immediately after posting of this video about the promoting of now disgraced, fired and proven public liar Tucker Carlson. Will there be a retraction from Randall admitting his error in judgement and promotion of an admitted promoter of false conspiracies? Without the retraction, this is a glaring obstruction to believing other novel ideas Randall puts forth, such as the new power source. I own shirts and hats and have donated. I think I want my money back.
  • speaking of which, first shrooms in at least a decade and just starting to go up. thanks for the fuel boys!! yes, canada!!!! please....
  • brought to you by pfizer...a threat to our democracy...nope, no script. thank you, randall, for shouting it out!! and i grew up a liberal-socialist canadian. now, a classical liberal/libertarian/voluntaryist if i needed to but a label on it. so ticked at all the people with platforms who aren't saying anything at all. agreed, they do not want you to question. I would add though that it is a two wings, one bird kinda scenario, brought to you by a long line of "people" hidden in the shadows looking to create the technocratic panopticon. all truth must be turned upside down, so that the masses do not realize the truth. the truth is that the ignorance of the masses to their own power and that of the slave masters is that upon which the power structures rest and feed. not to mention, randall's truth is likely in the crosshairs too. is fantastic at putting it all together. mike, I would suggest you go deep with richard grove and co over there.. rich was supposed to be in the twin towers, but got caught in traffic- hell of a story from there to here. as he says- history is the story of conspiracy. another great source is James Corbett at www; his ww1 conspiracy doc is virtually a must- just to plug a couple of the best. Finally up to present here and sounds like the easter special is gonna be fantastic. again, thanks so much all of you, you have helped me stay sane through difficult times. sadly, i do not believe it gets easier for a long time to come. kosmographia is so full of truth that it is one of my go-tos when i just can't take it any more. i keep plugging you all too every chance i get. cheers!!
  • I don't think Mike realizes how "conservative" he is relative to the modern Democrat/Liberals. Mike is sitting and having a genuine conversation using logic and reason without turning to name calling or accusations of racism... That's not a Democrat. He's "Normal Guy" Mike, overexposed to the mainstream and trying to hold onto the past values of a party that now exists only by names and labels.
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