Episode#089 Creative Graphsmanship? Manipulating Temperature and Climate Data to Mislead | Kosmographia - The Randall Carlson Podcast

One of the Master Diagrams encode a common template for ancient measure. Politicizing science has manipulated data to mislead people - being selectively eliminated for a desired result! RC reveals graphs as textbook examples of modern propaganda... read more

The Carbon Cycle and the "Beast"

Concentrations can get so low that photosynthesis stops, the biosphere collapses - and current levels are actually very low!

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Review of the recent Sacred Geometry workshop and trip to Nashville’s full-scale Parthenon leads RC to reveal one of the Master Diagrams that encode a common template for ancient measure. Then he shows how politicizing science and “creative graphsmanship” has manipulated climate data to mislead people – noting that some has been selectively eliminated for a desired result. Also, the Carbon Cycle is a highly effective pump, but with the oceans sequestering huge amounts of CO2, concentrations can get so low that photosynthesis would stop and the biosphere would collapse, and our current levels are actually extremely low compared to much of Earth’s history. Question the narrative, though, and you too will be labeled a “Climate Denier!” Kosmographia Ep089, The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 8/24/22. 



Carbon Cycle Essay by RC "The Redemption of the Beast" including multi-page bibliography: https://randallcarlson.com/the-redemption-of-the-beast-the-carbon-cycle-and-the-demonization-of-co2/


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  • Great stuff Mike love your input love it love it
  • Brilliant stuff guys. This global warming "thing" and the "reducing CO2" seriously drives me nuts at times and it's ggood to see it's not just me who's not buying into it. I have a question for you on a slightly different topic though. If you go to google earth and look at the "trench" between South America and Antarctica, how far to the east it extends and even the wau the southern tip of South Amrica seems to bend around towards the trench, then I need to ask if you believe this is likely a meteor / E.T. event which has caused it, or what? All the best and keep up the great work all.
  • I would love to see a "recommended reading" list for all things related to Kosmographia. Topics like Sacred Geometry and ancient history/civilizations/lost knowledge. There's a lot out there and it's difficult to weed through the good vs the bad.
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