Episode#087 Planetary-scale Movement of Water and Immense Torrents | Kosmographia - The Randall Carlson Podcast

“Think big” and consider the “planetary-scale movement of water” that has shaped Earth's landscapes. We attempt to discern the controlled climate propaganda from actual published science on Global Change - pushing the boundaries as we progress deeper

Assessing Controversial Topics

Georgia Guidestones, Civil War, Political division, Flat Earth theory, Sahara/Savannah alterations, Nile Valley and Sphinx

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We start off with invitations to intro to Sacred Geometry VoD, upcoming Scablands trips, and the challenge to push thru psy-ops and dividing conspiracy rhetoric. Victor Baker’s long-term involvement with studies of megafloods has inspired the guys to “think big” and consider the “planetary-scale movement of water” that has shaped the landscapes across the Earth. The Georgia Guidestones, Civil War, Political division, Flat Earth theory, Sahara/Savannah alterations, Nile Valley and Sphinx flooding are all touched on, as we attempt to discern the controlled climate propaganda from the actual published science on Global Change - pushing the boundaries as we progress deeper… Kosmographia Ep087 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 7/20/22. 



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  • Always love the informative insight.
  • awesome episode!! questions- what if the destruction of the georgia guidestones was a psyop in and of itself? seems like security camera video or lack thereof may confirm something going on. either way thanks for more information on the subject. as well, you raise the question about the icesheet or polar icecap that i asked in the youtube chat many, many episodes ago. could the comet strike have caused tilt of planet to change, ice sheet to shift or crustal displacement? if the ice sheet was in fact polar, it changes a whole lot. with comet coming in from northwest, it is not inconceivable. all these questions then relate to megalithic astral alignments. if sphinx was pre-flood and aligned with to constellation leo, suggests it somehow remained in alignment? hope y'all go there soon...almost caught up so looking forward to being on the same timeline....
  • Nick Zentner interviews Ice Age Floods expert Vic Baker. Link: https://hugefloods.com/Vic-Baker.html
  • Academics clinging desperately to their Uniformitarianist/Gradualist Catechism of Delusion Shrink from any imagining of Planetary Catastrophic Pluvial Erosional/Depositional Episodes. Seems mighty few of the Orthodox Academics have paid ANY attention to the emerging understanding of either Our Sun's Catastrophic Variability, OR the arrival of the leading edge of the "Galactic Current Sheet..." < |||[]||| > "The water would have had to rise a great deal to get high enough to cover the Sphinx and rise halfway up the Great Pyramid." ••• OR •••  Maybe there was isostatic rise/fall of various portions of the vicinity of Giza Plateau and the river course of the ancient NILE... at various points right out to the Nile Delta... < |||[]||| > Okay, it seems as if Randall is thinking pretty darned Big by about 1:01:01... "Satellite radar revealing the river courses under the Sahara Sands –"... a Pluvial Episode..." Erosional Events, Yup... < |||[]||| > Is it possible that a Major Pluvial Event on one planet can have Sympathetic consequences on the landforms of a Neighboring Planet? Is That thinking Big Enough?? < |||[]||| > >>>> American history as it is taught in public school: North: Noble, Good, want good for all; South: Evil, Vicious, Racist, Except for the oppressed Non-Whites. Of course, Plenty of Northern entrepreneurs were perfectly happy to sell Southern Bales of Cotton, picked by suffering Southern Slaves, and pocket huge fortunes while mouthing platitudes about the evils of slavery, and sneering at Southern slave owners. < |||[]||| > Thank you, Kyle. You have put your finger precisely on the Open Running Sore that chiefly characterizes the perverted shit storm poisoning our planet in this time. That has many variations. < |||[]||| > The Blast was one thing; The Bulldozing and removal done later the same day were done on order of officials. < |||[]||| > We do not know what individual or group is responsible for the blast. < |||[]||| > We do know that the partial destruction was completed by authorities operating on their own, without any public discussion. < |||[]||| > (*I heard that one word comment, Bradley!* I also caught the joke about "This *IS* the first segment...") < |||[]||| > Beyond the Apocalypse: The True Message of the Georgia Guidestones ||||||| https://www.dailygrail.com/2009/09/beyond-the-apocalypse/
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