ASIAir Plus Tutorial and Review

The ASIAir Plus allows you to control every aspect of your astrophotography setup from your smartphone or tablet. This revolutionizes the astro experience!

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The ASIAir Plus allows you to control your entire astrophotography workflow from your smartphone / tablet. That means you can sit comfortably in your house and control your camera, monitor your guiding, control your Go-To, and much more.

I've used the ASIAir Pro extensively over the past two years, and really enjoyed it. However, it did suffer from a very bad wi-fi range. I could be within a few feet of the ASIAir Pro and still lose reception. Thankfully, the new ASIAir Plus solves this problem! I can still get reception, even with two brick walls between me and the ASIAir Plus.

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  • im a beginner at Astrophotography. i find myself learning how to operate the features of the AAPlus in steps. im currently at the Live Stack feature. problem; my preview target photo is very clear and has sharp live stack images are not. im trying to experiment and find where i have gone wrong.. the guiding has been good.... the darks and lites are only 120 seconds... the gain is low.. should i lower the exposure time ? the images are not far off from sharp so im not stressing.. overall i am thrilled with my first ASIAIR Plus controller and ZWO ASI 120mm Mini guide scope. thank you Peter for your hard work in producing the ASIAIR Plus videos... Clear Skies !
  • Hello ! I have an ASiair Pro - bu i have lost my DC 12 input cable. n anyone tell me where I can get hold of this cable ? Would be highly appresiated !!
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