Episode 1 - It Was Swamp Gas

Info about the Michigan UFO FLAP and cover up in 1966.

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Our "official" first episode of the Michigan UFO Sightings and Paranormal Encounters Podcast!!! The sound quality is a bit better than our episode 0 but we are still waiting on some new tech to arrive so that we can have a high premium sound that we would like to put out.

Opening News: UFO sightings in North America jumped to nearly 6,000 in 2019 


Shout Outs:

The Midnight Truck Stop: o The Midnight Truck Stop hosted by Big T and Blue Knight.  This podcast has a great concept and have already had some great guest like Terry Lovelace author of Incident at Devils Den. These guys discuss those strange and unexplained incidents that so many of us have experienced while traveling along desolate highways. Truck drivers and long distance travelers from around the world have long claimed to have experienced everything from strange lights off in the distance, to inexplicable and haunting encounters. The highway can be a lonely and sometimes eerie place, and no one knows that better than the men and women who drive for a living.

The Paranormal Podcast: Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast, the man, the myth, the podcasting legend.

Brothers of the Serpent Podcast: Two snake bros talking about the mysteries of the ages, the ancients, and the modern day

All great podcasts! Please check them out!

Main segment: UFOs Over Michigan Coverup and Whitewash! 



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