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CDC internment camps? Really?

Does the CDC's website actually have guidelines for setting up "isolation facilities" for people who aren't really seriously ill?

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This makes no sense...



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  • You probably found out that the so-called pandemic started end of 2019 in China. We don't want that and a number of other things no one I've met believes. They aren't overreacting; they are working their plan and little by little they've been getting away with it. C19 sped things up exponentially. Our rights and so-called freedoms have been gone for a long time. They are just tightening the noose. There's a quote that I need to frame, in order for it to be handy. What it means is, the few people smart enough to see their plan will not be a problem because no one will believe them.
  • Building camps in low resource areas. Why dont they just use the money to gather the resources needed in low resource areas instead of building internment camps? Totally absurd
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