Episode 072: Glaciers' Big DAM Problems - Meltwater Conduits

Recent climatic fluctuations including the Medieval Warm Period, and the Little Ice Age that generated European glaciers’ advancement. Big problems that hinder ice from retaining deep water – interstitial cavities, moulins, tunnels and conduits.

Temperate glaciers cannot retain a large reservoir

Releasing a flow creates an outburst flood that escapes and typically these are annual events during the melt season...

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Randall gets going by referring back to recent climatic fluctuations including the Medieval Warm Period, noting the connection to the Grail Mythos of recovering from the Wasteland, and the Little Ice Age that generated considerable European glaciers’ advancement – to their largest extent since the sudden end of the Great Ice Age. Then turning to the big problems that hinder ice from retaining water to any substantial depth – interstitial cavities, moulins, tunnels, and various conduits that form within and beneath the glaciers, quickly routing meltwater to the base and out from its margin. Occasionally the releasing flow creates an outburst flood in the path where it escapes and typically these are annual events during the melt season, thus building up a large reservoir in a temperate glacier for a half-century is basically impossible, thoroughly negating the Ice Dam model of a repeatedly impounded “Lake” Missoula as the source for the Channeled Scablands’ dramatic erosional features.    

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00:00    Recent Climate Flux

15:09    Little Ice Age

30:15    Climatologist quotes

40:27    Glacial “Holes”

52:22    RC’s CBD unboxing

57:15    Glacial melt “Spurs”

1:05:35  Mechanics of Emptying

1:24:15  Just Extrapolate Up?

1:30:30  Glacial Destruction



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  • Another fascinating episode - will we ever discover how Lake Missoula drained?! Randall, have you heard about this new study, showing "Huge channels each ten times wider than the Thames lie buried under the North Sea, remnants of Ice Age landscapes that were carved up by the glacial rivers that once crossed much of the UK and western Europe. 'Found hundreds of feet beneath the sea floor, these structures have been revealed in new detail by 3D seismic reflection scans that were analysed by researchers led from the British Antarctic Survey." this is a paper published in Geology (Sorry, not Nature as I originally posted.) I think Mike would like all the great colourful scans and 3D images - Perhaps you may be interested in giving it a quick review? Not sure when it was published - just hit the Daily Mail, UK today, Sep 9/21. Have a great week.
  • I've read a considerable amount of European and Byzantine history but the role of climate in shaping that history was rarely touched upon. I'll keep an eye out for it in my future reading.
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