Ep001 Randall Responds to Jahannah James Atlantis Aspirations

In this first installment of the new series, Randall Responds to Jahannah's recent video addressing the scientific evidence for a possible Atlantis, as described by Plato, and the variety of comments/questions that were submitted on her YT channel... read more

Do you know the history of the "Atlantic" Ocean?

Why was there so much mud?
Where and how big were the islands?
Isn't this just another story by Plato?
Richat Structure?

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0:00      Landmass in the Atlantic?

8:30      Richat / Do your homework!

14:45    Mud Barrier?

23:04    Sea Floor Tectonism

38:07    Navigational Skills?

44:19    Historical veracity?

1:04:22  Geologic feasibility

1:12:12  Scientifically forbidden?

1:15:16  Naming “Atlantic”






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  • Interestingly, NOAA's 2022 Summer excursion along the Atlantic ridge had this to say: Dive 10: Kai Ridge Date: July 29, 2022 Location: Lat: 38.755780°, Long: -30.459353° Dive depth range: 1,660-1,925 meters (5,446-6,316 feet) During Dive 10 of the second Voyage to the Ridge 2022 expedition, we explored the steep slope of a ridge southwest of Gigante Seamount, to survey deepwater coral and sponge communities on the Azores Plateau. The Azores Plateau is the topographic high point along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge and prior to this dive, little to no in situ exploration had been conducted below 1,000 meters (3,280 feet). [https://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/okeanos/explorations/22voyage-to-the-ridge/dives/dives.html]
  • Nothing wrong with rabbit holes, you just following Water ship down, into the Atlantic warren.
  • Devil's Advocate; "Out of the Atlantic Ocean", can just as easily mean the the observer new not from where they came, but only from what direction. .. Attacking the shores of Europe & the Med. does require one to come from or even pass through the Atlantic. ... ... Pillars of Heracles, can just be a name that was later paced upon the formation that was still standing 9,000 years later. .. There was just as likely a better representation of the name, 9000 years before, than the STROG. Very likely that intense investigation of the underground between around Tanisha & the Eye of the Sahara & on to the coast, will unearth more evidence that there was a water passage that was flooded, swamped & then back-filled with the sea sands after the Deluge. A passage that had been flanked by what was more like pillars than some massive outcroppings, that do not even look pillar like, flanking the STROG.
  • I think many here will agree with me that one of the greatest Joe Rogan episodes EVER was the now famous "great Carlson/Hancock/Schermer on-air debate". While he mostly let his colleague slice, dice and serve out the great skeptic and his minion's debate points, Randall's timely comments and slides were without a doubt the beginning and end of Schermer et. al.'s erstwhile argument (that these guys were nothing but frauds and pretenders). And let's face it, Michael is a highly skilled skeptic & debater. He proved that by cutting his losses and skulking out of the booth that day with as much dignity as he could still scrape together. To the point: Randall is never more animated, sharp and concise than when he's in debate mode. The information he presents becomes even more pointed and relevant to the topic at hand, and (one of) Brad's immensely important role(s) - podcast traffic cop - less frequently necessary. Please, please please bring on guest experts for him to colloquize and debate. For example, in my opinion Jahannah should be right in here sitting here with headphones on espousing her own points and conclusions to elevate the discussion even more. Other educated voices are a very good thing, Bring 'em in and get it on!
  • this is great
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