BrunoOscar: Best Picture 1929 - The Broadway Melody

BrunOscar Not Quite Academia series, wherein we explore Oscar winning films from the very first ceremony to present. This episode: 1929 Best Picture winner "The Broadway Melody"

The Best Picture Collection

Best Picture winners from 1927 to present are reviewed with clips and illustrations.

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  • Great. Your gripes make me laugh because I think the same way.
  • Hey Bruno - as a huge fan of old movies, I appreciate youre approach here. Im going to enjoy this series. I just subscribed. Will you be providing links to some of these movies youll be talking about? It would be great if you did so that I could just click and go enjoy any movie youre referencing. And while I got you, can you recommend a good David Mamet movie or two? Id love to know which of his great movies you would recommend. Thank You, Randall Carlson
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