Episode #056: Swapcast with Grimerica - Tours and Events

The guys who brought it all together! We recall how the relationships and events initiated back in 2014, and reminisce about the great people that have gotten involved to grow this community of historical curiosity

Contact at the Cabin events

SW Colorado reviewed, and future plans are previewed: a “Grail Mystery” tour into France and a “Plato’s Atlantis Azores event

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Our first “swap-cast” with the guys who brought it all together! We recall how the relationships and events initiated back in 2014, and reminisce about the great people that have gotten involved to grow this community of historical curiosity. The Contact at the Cabin events in southwestern Colorado are reviewed, and future plans are previewed: a “Grail Mystery” tour into France and a “Plato’s Atlantis” tour to the Azores Islands. We detail the May trip into the Channeled Scablands of central Washington State with map browsing, photo sharing, and quick listings of the five-day itinerary. RC also provides info on the naming of the podcast, why we’ve been covering the topics in its first 55 episodes, and teases some of the many projects we’re working on, alliances we’re developing, and upgrades we’re planning as we take this work to the next level…


Watch the livestream version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-mnWUl45I4

Check on Darren and Graham’s podcast here: https://grimerica.ca

Upcoming “Contact at the Cabin” events: http://contactatthecabin.com

Video series of RC with Graham Hancock: https://www.howtube.com/video-series/view?id=39

Brad’s drone video at Potholes Cataract: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujnEh8YuVbU

Scablands flyover in Google Earth movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQSqcRuHEYE

USGS detailed maps of North America: https://viewer.nationalmap.gov/advanced-viewer/ 

Sedona seminar with Randall: https://www.worldviewzmedia.com/seminars

Highlights from the Oct 2020 “Southwest Experience”:  https://www.worldviewzmedia.com/seminars/virtual-roadtrip-randall-carlson-oct-22-25-2020

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  • (comment consolidated, chopped, blended, inverted, reconsidered, abandoned, re-written, pasted below...) When I was animating for arcade games in Silicon Valley and had to call the System administrator to figure out how'z cum my computer wouldn't behave, I later saw her comment: "Problem located residing between keyboard and seat cushion." Oh, Well... Another one said, "You know, you call one more time with this same problem, and you get the Terminal Moraine Award for this month." Now I understand!!!! The useless debris that's been scraped up and gets dumped in a big pile, and is left high & dry. But That's how I learned everything I know about the High-End 3D programs I now teach to other Terminal Moraines. I thought it was just a new spelling for M0R0N.
  • Hey!!! Geology examined and 'splained by Stoners!! Could it *BE* Any MORE Appropriate???? The phrase that comes to mind from the mists of time ==> "Right On, Dewd!" < | | | ] [ | | | > Actually, it appears that Glaciers in South America sent huge meltwater/mud flows (Lahars?) crashing down and burying communities on the slopes below, in the same general time period near the YD boundary date. The southern hemisphere didn't have the same Vast Ice Caps as the Larentide, Cordilleran, and FennoScandian, but they did have a lot of Glaciers in the Andes... I thought Randall discussed this... but this is my second go-round after viewing through episode 50 a few months back, now starting from the beginning on Howtube... It might be something you all addressed in a later episode. < | | | ] [ | | | > The thing about learning from these videos, is that you begin to realize that the only way you can really understand the issues enough to grasp the difference between lying-A$$ propaganda and legitimate ambiguities of evidence... Is to EDUCATE yourself, and sift through the details. And Randall is an excellent example showing that a person CAN Self-Educate... It can require a lot of commitment and energy, and maybe involve searching blind alleys and dead ends, but that happens in a conventional institutional spoon-fed education, too. < | | | ] [ | | | > After all, going through School is Learning How to LEARN, not just memorizing a pile of lifeless Lists of Dates and Factoids. It's not supposed to end, but CONTINUE after graduation.
  • Don't Be MEAN to your Sweet Doggie!!!!! < | | | ] [ | | | > ... So yer Sayin'... YOU don't want to have to Educate folks just to get'em Up to Speed on the deep and profound subject matter You're layin' out.... So I have to go back and get a multiple-degree certificate or direct brain-plug for Geology, Astrophysics, GeoChemistry, and the Condensed Wisdom of All the Sages of Humankind, INCLUDING a reconstruction of the Knowledge contained in the Library of Alexandria????!! What if I just bring the wine for the group? < | | | ] [ | | | > Yeah... I love it! We're aligning ourselves with all the folks who saw the Emperor was Nekkid and SAID so... ===> All the Mavericks and Independents who questioned authority, and kept on investigating "Settled Science," recognizing that the phrase is just another authoritarian way of saying "Shut up and do what I tell you, Punk!" You have to laugh, or you'll cry at all the wastage and carnage and lost opportunities that result from the Dumb Massed Bullies who think they command Heaven and Earth, but couldn't logic their way out of a doorless toilet stall with a map and a flashlight. < | | | ] [ | | | > People in the chat say "Don't be Mean to your sweet doggie!!!"
  • Just jumped from Youtube.
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