Episode #041: Nanodiamonds and Nay-sayers

The most comprehensive paper detailing the findings of nanodiamonds at 24 sites in ten countries across three continents, and a 2008 contribution that sought to slam the YDIH as soon as it was presented, noting odd timing and fallacy-filled arguments

Signature of Geocosmic Impact

More nano-diamond evidence is shared from Greenland's ice sheet and Oklahoma as we attempt to nail the nay-sayers' coffin

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Randall introduces the most comprehensive paper detailing the findings of nanodiamonds at 24 sites in ten countries across three continents, and then reverts to a 2008 contribution that sought to slam the YDIH as soon as it was presented, noting the odd timing, fallacy-filled arguments and weak statements, but also giving credit for a few things these critics got correct in their paper. We’d like to show them some “spectacular evidence” in the Scablands and prove to them that cosmic “Frankenstein” monsters are very real! More nano-diamond evidence is shared from findings in the Greenland ice sheet and Oklahoma Panhandle as we attempt to nail the coffin of the nay-sayers...

LINKS: 2014 paper on Nanodiamonds https://cosmictusk.com/wp-content/uploads/kinzie.pdf

Full listing of scientific papers about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: https://cosmictusk.com

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  • If the critics of the YDIH were anywise correct, nanodiamonds should be found in roughly identical abundance EVERYWHERE -- at all depths in the sedimentary geologic layers, throughout the globe, and the YD boundary layer would NOT show ANY significantly greater abundance than ANY OTHER layers in the geologic record. But evidently nanodiamonds do not show any such universal even distribution. (Galimov and Kaminsky, 2021) describe a process creating a class of ophiolitic nanodiamonds formed in the earth's interior, and carried to the surface by volcanic activity, for instance in the mid-ocean ridges. But these volcanogenic nanodiamonds incorporate traces of Halogens that also occur in volcanic gasses, which should starkly distinguish them from nanodiamonds produced by impact pressures. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/349128709_Diamond_in_the_Oceanic_Lithosphere_Volcanic_Diamonds_and_Diamonds_in_Ophiolites
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