Episode #023: Vanishing of the Clovis People - Part 2

Widespread Cultural Collapse: Review of sudden disappearance of southwestern deserts’ Clovis settlements coinciding with the YDB, massive reduction in projectile-point finds across the US, hiatus of occupation in Great Lakes Region, Belgium, &SW Asia

Oblique/tangential passing of disintegrating comet

Potential options that would not leave all the required “markers” for impact; Graphic modified by RC to envision the scenario

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After a bit of review about the sudden disappearance of the southwestern deserts’ Clovis settlements coinciding with the YDB, RC ventures further into the records of PIDBA, with maps showing the massive reduction in projectile-point finds across the US. Other studies show a hiatus of occupation in the Great Lakes Region, Belgium and also southwest Asia. After a summation, he shares a study that links the evidence for an ET event with that of the Tunguska aerial burst and the Chicxulub crater associated with the K-T Boundary impact, which includes potential options that would not leave all the required “markers” for impact – like an oblique/tangential passing of a disintegrating comet. RC had envisioned that exact scenario and modified a graphic almost twenty years ago to present as a possible explanation for the catastrophe. (Extended summary topics/notes will be available on the new website - very soon!)


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  • I give RC a good amount of credit, showing that Clovis was so much east of the Mississippi River. The PIDBA is my source, too. At about 21m12s ff - The PIDBA maps --- 13,000 y.a. is Clovis artifacts - none of the other points existed yet. 12,000 y.a. is DIFFERENT POINTS, Folsom. Redstone and Suwanee, if you look at the PIDBA OTHER maps on their site. That blank area in the east? It isn't empty on those maps. Hmmm. RC didn't point out that the WEST on his 12,000 PIDBA map - AND ALSO ON THE PIDBA SITE MAPS - also went empty. No questions? Like where did THOSE go? I quibble with the PIDBA sea level being at -68m at 13,000 y.a. My sources put it at -72m. It was -140m at the end of the LGM at about 19,000. So, either way (-68m or -72m) - at the YDB - the sea level had essentially risen halfway from 19,000 to now. Talk about sea level rise! Almost four times what sea level rise is right now. I have developed a hypothesis that explains basically all the things Randall doesn't know. Around the world. His vanishing of Clovis here included. But there were no "Clovis people". A Clovis technology, yes. A Clovis people, no. The people in Sonora and Chihuahua at 12,900 didn't go anywhere. They died. Part of that was the conflagration that created that black mat in the San Pedro River valley. That is one helluva black mat! That took a massive amount of biomass burning to make a black mat a foot thick. (See Wohlbach 2018.) Most black mat sites have only an inch or two. My best guess is that the people of that region were burned to ash and are part of the black mats far downwind of their settlements. LOL. At 38m30s, "So, whaddya make of this?" Well, the Comet Research Group and their forensic lab testing puts the cause as their ET impactor, and the question is how any such impact, no matter how big, could create so many varying effects over such wide distances. San Pedro River is about 8800 kms from Moervaart, Belgium. Nearly 1/4 of the way around the surface of the Earth. An impact somewhere in the Great Lakes region - how could that reach out to AZ and Belgium, too. And to Siberia and the mammoths there. I could go on at length about other sites around the world that date to 13kya cal BP. - including RC's and GH's beloved Scablands. People have to UP their ideas about what happened. Something far bigger than most of us imagine. I will tell you, THAT is one helluva black mat. And something terminated ALL the Clovis artifact making sites east of a line from South Bend to Houston. People need to stop thinking too small. and stop thinking like uniformitarians. I leave off at about 39m/
  • Agreeing generally with Brad... First visit to the website that lays out the concepts and imagined phenomena of "The Electric Universe" I was pretty skeptical; had a lot of difficulty swallowing the notion of a Titanic lightning discharge Etching a canyon system into the crust of a planet like some God with a big wood-burning tool. But following Ben Davidson's methodical and well-reasoned presentations at Suspicious0bservers for a few years, the concepts begin to make sense. Especially starting with the point that the entire population of objects that make up this system orbit within the SUN's electromagnetic field, and most of the larger objects generate their own individual fields. Those all have to interact continuously. It seems reasonable to expect the Sun's field should link to each object, and even exert some influence on it. We certainly have NEVER questioned that our planet's polar Auroras result from the interaction of the high speed ions streaming from the Sun (i.e., the Solar Wind) and then deflected and channeled by our own magnetic field to plunge vertically down toward the polar atmosphere North & South, to form the magically folding and fluttering Curtains of vivid purple and green hues. We never stop to think of how many millions of tons of matter, nor how much kinetic or electrical energy that light show is delivering into our planet. Many people don't give a thought to the fact that traveling in a passenger jet from one Coast of the US to the other at 30,000 feet exposes each passenger and crew to the ionizing radiation of 3 or more medical X-rays, minimum. So Aircrews have to keep track of their exposure, and can be yanked off the flight schedule if they exceed recommended exposure. But we have to think about how much ionizing radiation the entire sun-facing portion of the planet is absorbing all the time, every day, throughout the year. And since Cosmic Rays come from all directions, we are absorbing their energy 24 hours a day all the time. When the Sun belches out a Flare (X-rays) or a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) if it's aimed at the Earth, we can catch in a few hours or days a substantial fraction of our annual energy budget. We don't SEE the full spectrum of the Energy or particles from the Sun, but the rocks, the fields and forests, lakes and clouds and oceans - and the molten rocks beneath the crust - absorb all those energies whether we notice'em or not. And adding those energies to the slowly churning minerals within the interior has consequences. They seem to be sufficient to TRIGGER the release of tensions that had built up, leading to deep quakes, shallow quakes, volcanic eruptions, et cetera. And all that is just the normal mundane stream of energy and solar wind that goes on all the time. So when the Sun really lets loose, it makes sense there might be some more dramatic effects.
  • Archaeologists have been diving to document & retrieve artifacts from ocean shipwrecks since WWII (when SCUBA gear was invented.) But only in the last couple of decades, they have begun to recognize that, for instance, the BLACK SEA, which has lots of bronze age shipwrecks, and some that might be earlier, ALSO has submerged villages that were drowned as the waters from the rising Mediterranean began filling the Black Sea. They reckon because of the narrow channel that communicates with the Med, the filling would have been slow enough for the villagers to find or build shelter, and not just have to scamper away before the incoming waves. But you'd like to think that some other archaeologists would have heard about this and realized there's an entire undiscovered WORLD waiting to be explored along the continental shelves all around the planet.
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