Episode #024: Younger Dryas - The Big Picture

Generalist scientists need to cross-pollenate between disciplines and adjust focus to the “Big Picture” of human/Earth history, to which the Younger Dryas Boundary is a back-drop, obscuring our view of possible prior Pleistocene high civilizations

The Curtain or Back-drop to History

Floods from melting ice sheets were so large that the term used to quantify ocean currents was implemented to measure them!

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Randall opens with an extended “Randallogue” about the need for generalist scientists to cross-pollenate between disciplines and adjust the focus to the “Big Picture” of human and Earth history, to which the Younger Dryas Boundary is a back-drop. He describes how thoroughly an expanding ice sheet would pulverize everything across a continent, and reminds us that the floods from melting ice sheets were so large that the term used to quantify ocean currents had to be implemented to measure them, to wash away other evidence of civilizations.

We look at the work and graphs from Anders Carlson and determine that these sudden and periodic catastrophes point to a cosmic source, where most components operate in cycles.


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Full listing of scientific papers about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis: https://cosmictusk.com


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  • As much entertainment, adventure, and sheer mind-stretching education you all cram into these episodes, it has become clear that the whole experience would be fundamentally bleak and impoverished without the leavening insights and observations of Mike the Normal Guy. For my part, I am crazy as a loon. But I have found a way to monetize that in my career as an animator. With appropriate fortification and a 3-piece suit I can occasionally maintain the illusion of normalcy for sustained periods of entire hours at a stretch... But in this forum, Mister Mike provides an essential reference point for navigating the dizzying gyres of hypotheses, imaginings and astonishing revelations that threaten to overwhelm the unwary... Seriously, I 'spect you all have lots of conversation off camera and long acquaintanceships that have shaped this crew. With a few powerful partners and companions of monumental patience, wisdom and first aid skills behind the stage sets... ****A Veritable team of All-Stars!****
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