Episode #021: Younger Dryas - The Vanishing of the Clovis People

The Clovis people disappeared almost completely at the Younger Dryas Boundary. What happened to them? Snake Bros rant conspiracy, but RC shrugs and allows that the methods are very technical, then continues to reveal others’ evidence supporting YDIH

Ubiquitous Black Mat & Culturally Sterile Periods

People will return to exact same spot and build a fire generations later; changes in the design of points and their fluting

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After a 6-week catch-up period, the Snake Bros rant conspiracy because the protocols were so poorly reproduced by the “expert” teams that debunked the YDIH findings. Forgiving RC shrugs and allows that the methods are very technical, then continues to reveal others’ evidence in support of the hypothesis, including more ET materials/markers and the ubiquitous black mat, and also notes that Hiawatha Crater in Greenland adds interesting possibilities to the future work toward an answer. RC also shares several examples from the literature that document culturally sterile periods for at least 500 years, immediately after the YDB black mat layer. Snake Bros are fascinated by the idea that people will return to the exact same spot and build a fire, and with the changes in the design of points and their fluting. We all talk about the new developments on the horizon for the podcast and the work – along with some fun!


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