Episode #014: Younger Dryas - Fossils

Randall reviews more fossil evidence showing widespread catastrophic destruction of large animals (megafauna) at the Younger Dryas Boundary.

Building the Foundation for Revelation

Defining the YDB conditions to reveal the ultimate trigger for all these coeval shifts at the Pleistocene/Holocene transition

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RC continues to show evidence for Younger Dryas extinction factors other than bands of roving hunters with spears – sudden catastrophic burial in most cases is the commonality for preservation of fossils, which builds the foundation for many episodes to come that will define the conditions and reveal the ultimate trigger for all these coeval shifts.

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  • About the dozens of accumulated mammoth carcasses found together in the "sink hole" you describe at about 1:09:00 Ain't it odd that so many folks assume that animals are dumber than dirt? For a few years I lived on a small ranch. The owners had seven runner ducks, six yearling draft horses, and a dozen so-called primitive breed Icelandic sheep. "Primitive" just meant they had been raised for over a thousand years without mingling with any other breeds, roaming free, living on wild grasses and lichens in the remote landscapes of Viking Iceland. Any dumb ones had been eaten; these were agile, alert intelligent. My experience was that most days the animals were smarter than the humans. At least, the owners repeatedly kept assuming the animals were stupid, but found out OTHERWISE. The critters kept finding ways to escape pens, open gates and doors, and generally do whatever they wanted. Every week there was some adventure trying to keep up with'em. Well, it wasn't a working ranch, just the family were all were employed in the city doing different jobs and had bought an old ranch with a barn and a few acres and wanted to have some critters. Seems it was their first experience with animals other than doggies. Definitely out of their depth.
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