Episode #009: Atlantis Mystery - Part 7 - Richat

Randall reviews the published works on the Richat Structure, concluding that it is a fascinating, and entirely natural, geological feature.

Impact-related proxies

Coesite, breccia, tektites, and shatter-cones

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Russ & Kyle review some of their recent explorations in Vermont, then Randall goes through some of the scientific papers that were his early introductions to the Richat Dome in Mauritania, western Africa. We also delve into other impact-related proxies like Coesite, breccia, tektites, and shatter-cones. Randall then goes into great detail about the geological formation of the Richat structure, concluding that it seems to be an entirely natural, but nevertheless fascinating, geological feature.

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  • I'm Swedish and Carlsson is a common name here, I'm so happy to have found your channel here! Hope it's moor free than CensorTube👍
  • Some smarty-pants gittin' Too Big for His Breccias...
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