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Episode #007: Atlantis Mystery - Evidence Revealed - Part 5

More evidence! RC isn't trying to "prove the existence" of Atlantis, he's just showing that there is geologic evidence to support Plato's words. Upper layers of the Geoid seek equilibrium as Ice Age cycles redistribute weight across Earth's surface

Lunar, Vedic, Baseballic coincidence with #9

Further discussion of the number "4320" higher powers / 2160 miles / 108 stitches, 1080 inches, 360 feet, 9 innings, etc...

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Randall reveals evidence from the mid-1970’s that concludes a granitic "micro-continent" exists under the Mid-Atlantic that has been exposed above sea level within the past ~20,000 years. He also explains he’s not trying to "prove the existence" of Atlantis, he's just showing that there is geologic evidence to support what Plato reported. Also discussed are numbers related to the Moon, Vedic cosmology, and baseball(that's right, baseball) all of which coincide on the number “9” leading to further discussion of the number "4320" and its higher powers; how the upper layers of the Geoid seek equilibrium as Ice Age cycles redistribute weight across the Earth’s surface, and new terms that describe periods/cycles of lesser extremes within the larger glacial/inter-glacial oscillations.

(Note: We tried a new microphone for RC, with unsatisfactory results – please bear with us…)


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  • Normal Guy: "I want my Crystal Spaceship!" ********* Kyle: "They're called COMETS!" ******** Crazed Listener: "Never Forget the Hale-Bopp Comet cultists, who ended their Earthly Sojourn, thinking the Comet was there to carry them onward to a higher plane of existence..." Is that a Cautionary Tale, or just a comment in extreme poor taste? ********* Listening to these episodes now for the third time, the more arcane information is making more sense. I also follow and ponder the videos, books and essays of Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Ben Davidson of Suspicious 0bservers, Ben Van Kerkwyk of UnChartedX, Brien Foerster, Jimmy Corsetti of Bright Insight, George Howard of Cosmic Tusk, and a few others you likely know… I have found that Kosmographia seems to be the nexus where themes and persons seem to connect and ferment. ******* Thank God, There are serious and responsible scientists who are NOT seething with contempt for anyone who has no PhD, or who maybe is an auto-didact, or who has studied things they have NOT. Some scientists recognize their own limits, AND the value of informed speculation and perspectives from outside their own narrow specialities...
  • The Triple-plate Junction you point out at time marker 1:20:19 shows the east-west fault passing directly through the plateau of the Azores before it intersects with the two north-south faults marking the mid-Atlantic rift proper. ���� Again, it's good to recall that the Azores as we can see'em today, are all the upper slopes and terraces of VOLCANOES rising from that plateau, now submerged. The isostatic flexing of this East-West Fault through the recurring episodic glaciations over the span of the late Cenozoic (?) period explains the origin of the plateau and the subsequent formation of the Volcanic Peaks that built the present islands. I wonder if anyone has tried dating the formation of the plateau and the volcanic peaks that form the Azores. You might imagine the plateau being lifted above the seas early in EACH new glaciation, then plunged to the ocean depths in the Interglacial warming periods, REPEATEDLY wiping out whatever terrestrial life had made a home on the plateau. ���� "Oh, no... Not again... Well, just... Dang." ���� I'm just tryina make sense of all this... I appreciate corrections.
  • "... and of course, none of these hundreds of coincidences have ANY hidden meaning, symbolism or significance WHATSOEVER." Let no one doubt the value of deep personal research into the realms of... um... What Do they do with all the THC they Don't put into the legal Cannabis products? ... ... Mr. Carlson has the unusual quality of being able to deliver extraordinarily provocative lines true or false or comical or mocking utterly deadpan.
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