Episode #006: Atlantis Mystery - Evidence Revealed - Part 4

RC reviews temp graphs from ice core records that show climatic swings that accompanied the sudden Younger-Dryas catastrophe - correlating with Plato’s timing of Atlantis' subsidence - which brings into question current climate crisis assessments

Mid-Atlantic Ridge Above Sea Level?

Dredging up studies from the late 1940s that found beach sand and other evidence from the recent geologic past along the MAR

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RC reviews temperature graphs from ice core records that show the climatic swings that accompanied the sudden Younger-Dryas catastrophe - which correlated with Plato’s timing of the subsidence of Atlantis - and bring into question the modern assessments of a current climate crisis. Also links climate and cultural shifts during the Holocene. RC dredges up studies from the late 1940s that found beach sand and other evidence showing that regions along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) had been raised above sea level in the recent geologic past


Original graph from Dansgaard 1993 paper published in journal Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/364218a0


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  • Don't understand where all the other Commenters could be... I'm returning to visit six months later, after creating my own Howtube website... And just surmising about your discussion starting near time marker 46:00 about the approximately SIMULTANEOUS disappearances of the Clovis & Natufian cultures Along with the Extinctions of half the Western Hemisphere's Megafaunal species that all correlate to the global rise in temperatures. Just wondering if the geologic record, or Greenland ice cores can shed light on the timing of those disappearances. Is it possible that the extinctions were NOT caused by the temperature change, but INSTEAD, caused by whatever cataclysm introduced such a titanic quantum of heat/energy seemingly the equivalent of DECADES of our planet's normal share of insolation in just a few days or weeks??? The Younger Dryas Cometary Impact Hypothesis is mighty appealing as an explanation. But Doctor Robert Schoch's hypothetical description of Solar flares and outbursts resulting from solar instability also makes sense. The instability of the sun might also explain the worldwide incidence of massive stone shelters, like Ireland's Newgrange, and the so-called temples on Malta & Easter Island, and the sprawling underground cities like Derinkuyu... Seems likely that the Sun's instability could occur as a series of increasingly violent outbursts that gave warning, so to speak... and prompted communities to prepare, and so be protected against the worst flares. Similarly to the growing rumblings, smokes, rockfalls, and pyrotechnics of some volcanoes before they finally explode. We're finally understanding that a lot of comet's plunge into the sun, and seem occasionally to TRIGGER flares or eruptions of the Chromosphere. It would be interesting to know whether the Taurid stream contributes to that from time to time.
  • If you check the Azores zooming in for close-up with Satellite views, you'll see that they are the peaks of VOLCANOES. Some of the islands have multiple calderas, now filled with placid Lakes. Their volcanic origin, if they formed after the rift sundered the Granitic continents, implies they are BASALT FLOWS, substantially Denser than Granite, so that would contribute to an even greater subsidence. >>>>And so they might have sunk a lot more than the 400 foot rise in ocean surface might suggest. >>>>> If so, they would have provided a relatively enormous surface area for arable land, plus long coast lines for potential ports and havens for ships, and forests to provide game and wood for building. Either way, the presence of sand strongly indicates formation at very shallow water depths, followed later by the present seafloor sinking to those tremendous depths.|||| By the way... Sand is also created by critters like Parrotfish and Triggerfish, that eat Coral in tropical reefs. "Coral eating" fish such as parrotfish, triggerfish and surgeon fish feed on the algae rather than the coral polyps for the living algae that have a simbiotic partnership with the living coral polyps. ===> "Many do this by eating the rocky coral itself, extracting the food the need and grinding up rocky material and expelling it as sand." from https://factsanddetails.com/world/cat53/sub336/item1283.html I will have to add "Expel" to my daily vocabulary, so I won't shock my polite acquaintances. SORRY. Trying to delete some, but can't find a delete button!
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