Episode #003: Atlantis Mystery - Part 1

RC initiates a discussion of facts surrounding the mystery of the fabled lost Mid-Atlantic culture. Starting with Plato’s accounts, and the contributions of Ignatius Donnelly in the 1880s, who first proposed its destruction by a comet impact event

The Atlantis Mystery, a "Geological Heresy"

Quotes and fallacies from 1978 book that sought to once and for all dispose of the whole “fantasy”

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Randall initiates a multi-part discussion of the facts surrounding the mystery of the search for the fabled lost culture of the Mid-Atlantic. Starting with Plato’s accounts and covering the contributions of Ignatius Donnelly in the 1880s, who first proposed its destruction/sinking from a comet impact, and then exposing the work from 1978 that sought to once and for all dispose of the whole “fantasy” of an Atlantis. Strap in for a wild ride with Randall and G-crew!

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  • Great podcast. I am really grateful for you guys doing these interviews with Randall. Although I watched a lot of work of Carlson and Hancock and others over the last years, I have only just started to watch this series of podcasts in order (as research for a book). So, I have not yet heard all of the aspects of Randall's theory about Plato and Atlantis, but each time I hear one of you ask the question of why don't people just open their eyes? Why is there so much resistance? The answers are, indeed, as Randall says, to be found in psychology. The problem is that, because that is not the topic of most of those working on the geology and archaeology, they then go to the standard explanations in academic psychology or popular new age views, doing in essence the exact same thing to psychology as you question with regard archaeology and geology (or Plato). I am hoping to start to create videos on the topic of our psychological diversity and why we cannot all agree or simply go with facts, but I am still figuring out the technology. In the meantime, I beg you, if you are going to discuss the reason for questioning Plato's veracity, please include well-researched and supported psychological insights in this and not just academic scepticism to anything new or more-hope-than-evidence based notions of human nature. I am a philosopher specialized in human nature. I did read Plato's accounts on Atlantis and many more of his works (by no means all) and I totally agree with Randall that Plato makes it crystal clear that this is not a made-up story. But that does not mean that his explanations of the behaviour of the people and the moral implications are not influenced by his own time. After all, the Atlantis account was very ancient history for him as well. I am not claiming to be an expert in any field, but am simply asking for a truly multidisciplinary approach to our collective human history, because it is not possible to do philosophy or science without being aware of your own psychological limitations any more than it is possible to study psychology without taking a big picture philosophical view - a view that questions all assumptions. Sorry for the rant.
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