Section-13: SANSKRIT SHIVA LINGAM: Hartmann Whistle Version

In this video, Malcolm takes you on a very interesting journey into ancient history and demonstrates how our ancestors new about PLASMOIDS. He shows you how they applied them and why it's important to know about this in our time.

Should I Learn About Sacred Geometry?

Yes! Sacred Geometry can be applied to anything you do & to understand PLASMOIDS, a working knowledge of SG is very helpful.

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It is necessary at this time to recover the lost, or hidden, history of Earth. I encourage you to investigate the mysteries of ancient history and take Randall Carlson's introductory course to Sacred Geometry. His course was originally filmed live for howtube in Nashville, Tennessee over a three day weekend. It's over 10 hours of Sacred Teachings complete with lectures, drawing exercises and guidance on how to practically apply Sacred Geometry to your professional or personal life.

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  • thank you for your monumental contribution to humanity
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