Cactus Quartz

A beautiful example of Sout African, Hemitized red and purple Amythyst,

Collector piece

Availble for sale

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My company, Big Tent Minerals, was established in 2020. A far reaching World wide collection of Gems, Minerals & Artifact Learn by beginning to follow me with simple instruction learning the basic formula on collection of specimens, from around the world. I hope to share simply by presenting my collections and how informed beginners and seasoned collectors all share this rewarding hobby.  How to easily begin to learn the basics, in a interesting and informative way. All live shows. Providing and sharing a on-site channel of live shows combined with pictures and video reel for all to share and learn in joining, in this rewarding field of collecting rare earth specimens. Free tutorials to all that may share the same interests, learning how to begin building there own personal gem and mineral collections. 



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