Schradieck 1 Etude 1 (Violin) 1 of 5

Practice your violin technique along with me! We are focusing on INTONATION and playing lines 1-4 of Schradieck Etude #1 (linked below)

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Schradieck 1 Etude 1 a 5 part series on INTONATION...

Here is the LINK to SCHRADIECK ETUDES (you do not need an account, just accept the disclaimer and wait 15 seconds to download). We will be using the Schradieck School of Violin Techniques Book 1, Etude 1 to work on our intonation/hand patterns, bowing and left hand dexterity.


Today we will be focusing on INTONATION and the BASIC HAND PATTERN which outlines the notes (A B C# D E) on the A string.

Grab your instrument, put in your headphones or turn on your speaker, because we're about to get a violin workout together



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  • This is sooo helpful! When will you post the rest of your parts?? I only see part 1
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