Section-10: MSAART PLASMOID TECH: Chimney Retrofits

The burning of coal to produce energy is only 34% efficient. MSAART PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY recovers the wasted 66%, brings it back into the furnace bed to double the efficiency, which makes the entire process nonpolluting at the same time!

Efficient and Clean

MSAART PLASMOID TECH doubles the efficiency of coal and wood chimneys while eliminating all pollutants.

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  • Mr. Bendall, does the chimney fitted Thunderstorm Generator require a vacuum pump to draw the air through the plasmoid generator and central reaction tube, below atmospheric pressure? How does the hot exhaust gas in the chimney get pressurized above ambient pressure, so that it flows out through the sphere and outer tubular passages of the MSAART plasmoid reactor, releasing the clean, oxygen-enriched chimney gasses into the atmosphere?
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